Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dollar store crafting

Started a temp job on Wednesday. I miss being able to socialize with adults. I have my friends but they are usually busy with their own lives so we only see each other once a week or every other week. I didn't even realize this until I began working again. Okay, back to crafting...

My oldest daughter wanted a compact rotating make-up caddy. I found this one on Youtube that was made with items from the dollar store. I sent her the link and she liked it. The store we went to didn't have all the necessary items so we improvised on a few things. It still came out nice. These are our supplies, not everything was used. 

Those roses are tea lights that are L.E.D. and they color change. She dipped them in silver glitter for a more "fancy" look, according to her. It was very simple to assemble. We did have to cut out one of the dividers from the shelved containers so she could store her foundation bottles on it. If you click the picture it will show you a short video with it spinning.

The small side shelf was made using the lids from the containers. Here she has it with her makeup in it. The thumbnail is a clickable link to see it spinning with all her stuff in it. She sent it to me from her phone so the quality isn't as nice as what my phone can do (her's is an older phone).

Music on it is loud, sorry.

She will need one more to hold all of it. It does hold her everyday makeup though and she's happy with it. After finishing this it gave me ideas for one I could make for my crafti-ness-ing. I used some of the left over supplies to make the youngest daughter an organizer for her desk. Now she can have all her colored pencils, pens, and brushes together. She can put smaller stuff in the little bowl, like her pencil sharper or erasers. I was debating whether to make it spin as well. In the end, I left it stationary, as it didn't really need it.

I thought I could make one for my pencils, extra crochet hooks, and things that I use frequently on a spinning base. I would have to make it smaller though to be able to fit on my desk. Ooh, I can add a small candy tray to it! The ideas are flowing. All together we spent about $15 to make these two organizers. I have an elevated candy bowl I'm making using a glass candlestick and bowl. It will most likely hold random stuff like half filled shuttles, or balls of thread, or maybe just candy/snacks. It's pretty big, 7 inches in diameter.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Rose Calyx

Do you ever get distracted from what you are working on? This is happening a lot to me right now. I went to put something away and came across a half spool of peach gauzy ribbon. I made a rose out of it. Then the idea came to write out the calyx for it. I spent an hour trying to figure it out from photos to recreate it.
At first, I tried drawing it up on the computer. I quickly got frustrated, so I just pulled some paper and my pencil out and got to work. I'm not really into written patterns, so I just did the main scheme and left off when you do repeats. After drawing up the three different layers of the calyx, I did a combined graphic of it for my pattern book. I can follow it just fine but left notes on the side on the order of the pattern.

Would this be considered an advance pattern? Maybe...just because it can be tricky when you join round 2. Potentially confusing, I should say.
 I'm going to have to make one for a smaller rose bud. This is good for a full rose but too loose for a tight rose bud.

Isn't this just so pretty to look at?