Saturday, May 30, 2020

Pocket shawl

I know I said I would end my crocheting kick last week. There was a shawl with pockets going around Facebook and my eldest requested I make her one. So with one week left in this month (essentially), I gave in and purchased the pattern.

The first six rows went by so fast, then I reached the mesh portion. I'm having a hard time to keep myself working on it. I don't know why but the double stitch wrapped around the previous stitch is hitting an nerve. There's 23 rows of this mesh, I have 14 completed. The urge to rip my hair out is so strong with this pattern. I have no reason for it. The stitches are simple, nothing complicated. 

I'm essentially half way through the project. I'm using a dark grey Carron 4 weight yarn. The jumbo skein doesn't have quite enough to  make it so I'm incorporating black from Red Heart to make up the difference. I distracted myself from the mesh by working the pockets in black. I made most of the pockets shape, since I will need some of that grey to do a few rows to tie the two colors in.
I will also add a row of black single crochet around the shawl. I think this will help support the fringe better. My eldest will be visiting tomorrow. She is supposed to help me organize and de-clutter the Momcave closet. She wants to see what crafting treasures she can find and abscond with. I want to have this done so she can take it with her. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Walks and crocheting

With the stay at home rules relaxed a bit, we took the kids and the dogs to the river for some fresh air and a small walk. I can move around easier since my surgery, however, it's only for small walks. We all had a good time and want to visit the beach, not now but soon.

I'm still crocheting right now more than tatting. This is a simple scarf pattern by Crystal from BagODay crochet on Youtube. I was looking for a project to use all those skeins of Nako Vals yarn on. It has a very fuzzy fluff that is starting to drive me crazy. I have used up about a third of one skein on this so far. I like the look of these shells. None one likes scarves here, so I needed to switch over to another project for the yarn. I could always extend the base chain and make a pillow/blanket/shawl out of it but undoing this yarn is difficult. It keeps fraying and thinning out badly when you try to frog it. This is a commitment yarn, as it's difficult to undo stitches made with it. Fortunately, I came across another granny stitch that I can use the yarn on.
This is the first square almost completed. I was debating on where to include the red on this pattern. I was thinking perhaps between the cream and grey. I could also just use it as a divider row between black and work in reverse with the colors. White-cream-grey-black then red then black-grey-cream-white, then red again and repeat the color changes.

Honey says he can't make out the difference from the white and cream. It is hard to see the difference in florescent light but in natural light it is obvious. I took a picture then enhanced it. I will admit, I had a hard time seeing the difference at first too. On the enhanced picture it is more noticeable.

I think this will be the last week I work on crochet. I am starting to feel the urge to go back to my shuttles. Speaking of shuttles....the Shaker shuttle I was working on, I ordered more UV resin and small inclusions to keep making the prototype. I also ordered liquid silicone so I can make a cleaner mold to use both epoxy and UV resin with.