Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pin challenge: Complete!

By the final hour, I finally managed to finish the Ankars Butterfly.

She was a challenge for sure. I don't think I have it in me to do more but if I should ever attempt this again, I will definitely use larger thread. If you want all the gory details, they'll be in the Pintrest Challenge Blog.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Round and round...

I made it halfway around with these snowflakes. The pattern is not needed at this point because I've memorized it. There is a problem with the black thread though. It was vintage thread, Coats and Clark, that I purchased as a bundle off Etsy a while back (years ago). It has begun to deteriorate and snaps often if my tension is even a bit too tight. I've had to work in ends more frequently than I had planned. Closing rings has become a chore.
 I did go in search of size 80 in black locally, and I was surprised to find that most of my local craft stores only keep white in supply now. I still have Hobby Lobby to check, but I was hoping to stay with DMC or Coats and Clark on this project. Hobby Lobby mostly stocks Lizabeth, nothing wrong with this thread, don't misunderstand me. It's just that the twist in the thread are different, so the texture feels different, and I wanted to keep the sameness to the doily. If it comes out as well as my mental picture, I'm sure it'll win me a ribbon in the fall fair this year. I can always order more online, but I'm in the mood to support the local vendors right now. I'm going to give Hobby Lobby a chance, but if they don't stock it, online I must go.
That little Susan Bates shuttle in the picture is one that Fox generously gave many years ago when she read one of my metals died. I still remember and every time I pick it up to tat with, I'm reminded of her kindness. It is currently loaded with size 20 thread for my Pintrest Challenge piece. It's almost finished, just the final sewing in of beads. The videos that Angela made are so much help. Youtube translator is a joke at best so I just turned those off and just watched what was done verses what was said.

This should be finished today, pending my Kat's demands on snacks and me laying down with her for her naps. I move the page I created for the Pintrest challenges to another blog. It was a better way for me to keep organized on these endeavors. It was frustrating having to move the positions of all the current work to the top. Now each project will have it's own page where I can freely describe what went into making it without having to reformat the entire page in reverse. I put a button link on the side bar if anyone's interested.
 Today's going to be a sewing in ends kind of day. Those that are hanging off each motif of the Monster Doily are annoying when I continue with the next motifs. Also, they tend to get caught up with the next motif and I'm having to "coax" them out the working snowflake.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Slow down, and tat like you love it

These snowflake sections are taking longer than I'd like to admit. My poor doily is getting all dirty after all the manhandling it's getting. A good bath will help that. When I attempted to going the fourth snowflake I found an error from the previous round, too many rings. Luckily it was only one ring and chain section that I was able to undo without cutting because it was at the end of that round. It left me feeling paranoid in case I made this same mistake twice. I'm so glad I hadn't sewn in the end yet.