Squaring it off

I ran across a picture of tatting on Pintrest and it did not have any information as to the book or the author. It looked familiar to me but I gave up looking for it after a couple of hours.  The pattern was a six point snowflake motif. I want to say it was in a Japanese book but I only have about six of those and I couldn't find it. The graphic styling of the tatting reminded me also of how Burda has their patterns in them.

I wanted a square motif so I only repeated four to get the corners. I did not like how the chains were really loose so I began by doing an experiment with a ring connecting the block tatting to the rings in the center. I restarted a new one with that in mind and I like how it is more stable but don't like the large cluster of rings in the center. I think I will just put this in the scrap dish and just work Iris's Square motif book. 

Ice Drops for the tree

Finished reworking the previous Ice Drop in red. It's really pretty in the tree. The red is so vibrant and stands out really well against the silver tinsel of the tree.
Next on the list is one of my favorite Ice Drops to make. The Birthday Ice Drop!
I only have a couple more of those pebbles left so I will have to make a stop to Walmart to pick up some more pebbles to keep going. I have about four or five more Ice Drops in the "B" titles. I suppose I could just do a post of each letter with the different Ice Drops listed. That will help to keep my blog from being bombarded with little posts.