My fair heart

It's crunch time again...fair entries!

This year I have seven submissions:

1. The chameleon: Yay, it's done!
I was thinking of doing it again in a variegated green thread I came across. If left alone to craft, it can be done in one day. Tatting takes a few hours, assembly another hour or so.

2. Over the Rainbow:  Working on trying to find a heart pattern I want to do. The idea is to tat up hearts in the basic rainbow and arrange them in a spiral. Not original, I know, but this year I have the time to take it from theory to practice. I want to impress, not just with the tatting but with the overall design. Right now, I am trying to find a heart pattern that calls out to me. The current candidates are: Small Heart by Jennifer Williams, Celtic Heart 2013 by Ruth Perry, and Heart Strings by  Gina Butler. I made an error tatting up Small Heart, I left out a ring and section of chains. This is what happens when I listen to audiobooks instead of streaming other crafty videos while I work.

3. Butterfly Project: Yup it's the same contest as last year. I'm not sure as to what to do but butterflies are in such abundance in TatLand, that something will come to me.

4. Anna's Doily: Tatting is in miscellaneous needlework section and I can only do two entries. The Monster Doily is not going to be finished in time. The Vineyard doily is not working up the way I like, the issue is matching the thickness of the original silver thread used. The picture is the first four rounds I made years ago. I like the look, so I'm going to make it this year. It looks complicated but tats up fast and easy. The pattern is by Puggapita on Etsy. The colors I plan to use, I think a simple white. Although two colors are very dramatic, I think the judges are looking for more traditional colors to be used. It was a note I received one year on previous entries.

5. Holiday Articles, Tatting Snowflake: I'm kind of unsure which to go with.

Option 1 : Shimmer Snowflake by Robin Perfetti
Option 2: Le Flocan Frivole by Joelle Paulson

6. Crochet Articles: Pokemon Trainer and Eeveelutions. Almost done, just need the trainer's body to finish then embroider all the faces on and fluff it up. 
7. Crafts Adult, Other Work Unlisted. This is for my resin shuttles. I listed it as resin made and decorated so I could include different ones in there. It's a collection type of set up for this category, so I need to enter at least two items to qualify. It's my first time doing this section of entry. The shuttles I plan to put in? These:

I have 4 weeks to get the other items finished and the shuttles put in a display box so they don't come up "missing" later down the road. Now that I think on it, I'm getting a bit nervous putting them in. I can recreate them all, it just they're first editions.
There is one more entry I'm considering: The Pintrest DYI. It just states it has to be from Pintrest and I have to submit a photo of the inspiration along with my rendition. The entry fees are due for another week on this, so I have a few days to think if I will have time and to find something to be inspired by.

Done and moving

I finished it last night. Honey said it looked really cool. It is the the fastest pattern I have worked up in a while. Last time I went on a tatting marathon was when I was working on a Ice Drop.

Since it was done, I went back to crocheting today. I began making the Pokemon trainer. I'm using the doll tutorial from Suwanna's Craft Room on YouTube.

Right now it's just an arm but I plan to have the body done by Saturday. Crocheted at least, stuffing it will have to wait a few days.
I'm going to have to figure out how to design clothes that are more fitting to the Pokemon game to go with the theme.