Monday, April 20, 2015

A few days...

Today's the last day to join in the shuttle giveaway for those interested. Tomorrow I'll make the final list and then on Friday we'll see who won!

Speaking of shuttles, I received one in another exchange on Facebook. I love it! I've purchased a pair of her shuttles before and they hold a very nice amount of thread. Veronika even went to far to personalize it for me.
I'm wondering if there is a way to get the engraving to show up more without damaging the shuttle? I don't work with wood, so I'm not sure if it's possible.

Have I been tatting? Yes, yes, I have. How much have I done, not too much. I was distracted again. I went in search in my little yellow basket for a pair of shuttles I just wound up and ended up "organizing" again.
At least this time I added the pattern information to the bag.

 Then I got to daydreaming and noticed that my topiary hasn't been touched in a while. I began another of Ruth Perry's Stargazer Lily's in shades of metallic purple. That new bobbin shuttle worked out perfect for this. It has enough weight to it to hold the metallic threads tight enough to manage the double stitches better with less crimping to them.
 I began another of the El Dorado doily. This one will be beaded and will be for my county fair entry this fall. Originally, I had planned to use gold beads but I like the dramatic look of the blue-green beads here. This is being worked in size 40 thread. The size 20 was way too big for my preferences and since I plan to frame this when it's done, downsizing the final product seems like a good idea. One side piece done, eleven to go.
I really need to take care of those ends. I'm just being lazy with it right now. Only one more flower/tree cluster made it's way here. I just purchased a special little carrier for this from Jane, and it arrived today! I'm going to have to make another purchase soon, as my little one tried to "claim it" for her "babies" a.k.a. her stuffed animals. "Because Mommy, my ponies fit in there and it is their new bed when we go outside so they don't get lost."
The plan for the rest of today is to work on finishing up that custom shuttle order and to make up a few more. It's nice and warm so the resin should behave today.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ever wonder

I just finished catching up on the different blogs I follow. Now I don't usually leave comments, although I love reading them on my own blogger. I still do comment on them. Out loud, at home, and sometimes my kids come in wondering who I'm talking to. I was doing that today and my daughter actually thought there was another person here. It got me to thinking of how many others out there do the same as me? Or am I just a little bit nutty? I think I picked up this habit from Honey. He tends to 'talk' to the movies we watch, which can be more amusing then the actual movie sometimes.

I'd like to thank everyone who's interested in my shuttle giveaway and who's entered so far. It strokes my ego nicely to know my efforts and tinkering are actually liked by others besides myself.

I have been working on two different Renulek doilys. I haven't got as far as to finish either row on them. Just a few more repeats and then it's picture time for them.