Friday, April 18, 2014

Time escapes me..again

 I have been on a shopping kick as of late. Besides the two bulk orders of Boyle shuttles, I've been ordering a shuttle a week, it seems.

 Just recently I ordered this pretty Slider Shuttle from Sandra McKay Pellerin. Fox tested it out and gave it high marks. I'm hoping it works out as good for me. I have a GR8 shuttle and I like it but it is kind of fiddly on my tension. If it does my hands good, I'll order the Olive wood one I was eyeballing as well.
 Then I went a bought this beautiful glass handled crochet hook from Davina-Marie on Etsy. A few months back I received an exchange package from her. Inside, she had included a hook similar. I'm so glad she made more because now I have the link to her Etsy shop. So the mystery of the 'artist' that made these has been solved! The one I received in the exchange was a size 7, the one I purchased was a size 12. I wonder if she'll make one in a size 14..that would round out my hook tools.
I'm still waiting, rather impatiently, for a pair of shuttles from Russia. I loved the look of the top of the shuttles. These were purchased on Ebay, but I don't have the link info available right now.

Tatting wise, I'm currently on Row 8 of Renuelk's Spring Doily. I'm not too sure if I like the change of colors here. I went with another variegated blue and a solid green. I was afraid it would come out too dark, so I went through my thread stash and picked the brightest blue combo that I had in this size. There were of course more green variegated options but I thought I reverse the play on threads on this round. I like how when I began, it reminded me of a lily pad in the center with the blue being water surrounding it. Even though this blue is on the darker scale of blues, it's also vibrant at the same time. I don't have the color cards for the threads, but they are all Lizabeth. It seems to be the only brand of thread I have in size 40.

Besides this doily, I haven't tatted anything else. My tatting has been sorrowfully neglected. I still have to set up my MomCave again. We picked up a air hockey table for our son, and it seems like I'm going to have to put it in my cave. I forgot that things look smaller on the display floor, so that while it looks doable there, when you get it home it's a completely different story.  I could change the dining area around and set it up there, but that would just look tacky.

With the weather warming up, I'll be able to do some resin casting soon. That means that I'll be making shuttles again! I know I only put out a few last time. Resin casting takes up so much time, that I haven't really felt the urge to do it. With the heat rising, it tempts me.

I found this picture on Facebook and thought it was a wonderful way to display some tatted flowers. Now the only problem would be to find a cute tea cup that I wouldn't mind using. Sounds like an excuse to go "Treasure Hunting". I'll see if my Honey wouldn't mind going to a few second hand stores with me. If not, he can always spend the day at his mom's with the kids so I can go. Looks, like we have tomorrow's plans, since I magically have a Saturday off.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Tatting Day!

Motif for a scarf from Tatting Lace by Nihon Vogue
Today is a special day for us tatters in Tatland. I actually got the day off work, with no plans on what to do. I have several WIPs that need my attention. I think I'll save the actual tatting for when my toddler takes her nap. For now I'm just going to go through my several containers and get my paraphernalia under control. It's split between six different containers and I keep getting distracted when I go looking for a particular item.

Some of my HDT from a few years ago that I found while cleaning.
I purchased a couple of bulk Boyle shuttles from Only to find out that I could have ordered them directly from for less. Oh well, now I know. I started to neuter a few so I can try my hand at decorating them. These newer Chinese versions of Boyle shuttles are really light weight. When I started to sand one down it smelled horrendous. I had to get my newest addition to sand it. I picked up a variable speed rotary tool to have more leeway with sanding. The other tool I had was okay but sometimes you just need that little bit of extra control.
I did a shuttle exchange on Facebook with a few people for the Boyle shuttles. I have more than I can use. Okay, you can never have too many shuttles. Still, I felt a little bit gluttonous with my recent haul. I sent a few to India and discovered it takes about 2 weeks for them to arrive. Some others went to Singapore and those took a few days longer. It took roughly 3 weeks for Singapore's post to reach me. I did an exchange with Val, and got these nice netting needles and motif from her. I think these would be good for when I want to take with metallic threads.
Random Disneyland photo from our last trip in "Ghost mode".

With mixed emotions, I will soon have my mom cave back. My oldest is moving in with my mother in a few days. It's become a bit if a burden for her to remain with us. She has transportation issues because of our location. Also some of her company have questionable behaviors that I do not want the younger kids picking up. As a mom I want my children with me, but on that same line of thought, I have to think of all my children and let the older ones go to be who they want to be. She'll be twenty soon, and that's old enough to leave "the nest" and take your life's responsibilities into your own hands.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My heart's will continue

Still working on the Tatting Hearts book. I finished one more larger heart from there in black. I was going to put it in the box with the others, when I decided to just sew it to fabric for framing. Until I get around to buying the frames (I'm such a procrastinator), I could put them in a binder. It was then, that I remembered reading about a fabric journal someone made for their tatting. A couple of hours of websurfing later, and I found Shirley Hays blog  which led me to TypsTatting's blog which gave me the motivation to do something similar. For now I'm going to put the fabric pages in sleeves in an 8x10 binder. Using a fat quarter fabric I picked up at Wal-Mart, I managed to get 6 'pages' to sew motifs to. I don't own a sewing machine, so hand stitching the edges around one square took a couple of hours. Stitching the motifs went significantly faster.
I'm also working on Renuelk's Honey Napkin, in pale purples as a request. Plus now there's a Spring Napkin to make! I still haven't gotten far on Jane's TIAS, but knowing it's reveal is a sailboat, I can use more *cough* normal *cough* colors, and not some that are bound to clash.