Friday, December 2, 2016

Speed bumbs

The previous post was suppose to have went "live" two weeks ago. I just noticed it had not, it looks like I will have to spend more time learning the workings of that.

I am currently unable to work on any projects. I suffer from asthma, and this is nothing more than an annoyance as it is normally easily controlled. However , the day before I felt the stirrings of an attack, and to my surprise the treatment had no effect. I am also a stubborn woman and tried all my alternative treatments but those also failed me. I had no choice but to head to  the hospital. Now here I am, two days later, still trying to figure out why the treatments are only giving me a short lived reprieve. I have been poke and stabbed so many times that I can hardly bend my arms.

Now whenever I get to "borrow" time from the everyday life, I enjoy them by crafting or napping. Unfortunately, I cannot do either. It has been almost two days since I have been able to sleep. I have been informed that I will be staying another 4 days. With nothing to do to but fidget. Hopefully they will figure out why this asthma attack is so extreme and I will be able to return to my everyday life. Yes, even my retail

Creative crash

I have finished the first of the snowflakes with beads. I do like how it looks but I dislike working with beads. Pushing them back on the shuttle as I work has taxed my nerves. The thought occured to me to "paint" them with glitter glue when I stiffen them. That would be messy, so then I thought to use a filament to give it the sparkle. I think I'm in a lazy tatting mode right now.

I received my multi-shuttle pack of Starlight shuttles I ordered and filled four of those with size 50 thread. I do have close to 10 balls of this so far with another two coming in. I began working on one of Iris's Fantasia book patterns. I was confused on where to start. It was obviously not where I actually began, in the center. After taking a break, I actually read the entire book and realized my mistake. It's okay though, where I began let me gauge more accurately how big I was going to work the project.

Then again I was side-tracked and went back to working Teri's Spider CG doily. I honestly just wanted a some what straight forward project to use the many balls of size 50 thread on. I'm currently debating on whether to "paint" the butterflies another color when/if I ever complete it. I'm finding a lot of bright colored tatting projects on my Pintrest feed and that in turn is motivating me a small bit more to do it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This is another of Wanda Salmans patterns. It's a Leaf with Dragonfly earring minus the dragonfly charm. I tatted them onto an eyepin, thinking I'd add them to the Topiary that still has a long way to go. I think they'd make a good under base for the magnolias from Be-Stitched. They tat up really fast, about 15 minutes and I like that. I don't think it will take very long to unload this shuttle at least. I think this is size 40 Lizabeth. I know it's Lizabeth Riverglades or something like that.

I just wanted to empty shuttles because I wanted to work on another wall display case. I acquired a pair of them from Hobby Lobby and while the cases are unfinished, I'm going to Modge Podge some tatting elements to it before adding the shuttles. I was trying to decide which color to paint them, black or white. Not knowing what tatting to use has kept me from painting them so far.

My vacation from work is almost at a end, so I wanted to do as much crafting as I can before that. The end of the year crazies begin for me when I go back on Nov.1. My MomCave is a neglected disaster area that my youngest has had a blast playing with the clay. I spent too much time picking the scrap clay out of the carpet. I've come to realize that I need to invest in a clear vinyl mat for my floor. Otherwise the carpet will soon need to be replaced. I'm going to need to measure the room soon. At least she uses her own "craft table" so the damage is in a limited area of the MomCave.