Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A touch of color to the landscape

I was right. It does look better in color. I went with purple. I was thinking on still using white for the long chaining, but since I couldn't find white in the correct size, I went with Lizabeth Charcoal. I did find a very light shade of purple/lavender that I'm thinking will blend well on the outer chaining sections. Originally, I was going to use it for the butterflies, but after making a few, the color flow wasn't what I wanted. The flowers are rich and vibrant, the lavender looks a little washed out.
I can see where beading it will make it really "pop" but that's a thought for when all the tatting is completed. The threads are all Lizabeth size 40. So far we have:
1.Charcoal grey #606 (ring chaining)
2.Purple Splendor #129 (Center flower)
3. Elderberry Jam #177 (Flower clusters)
4. Lilac Dark #641 (Butterflies)
The lavender color doesn't have it's color card but looking at the color chart for reference, it can be either Purple Iris Light or Antique Violet Light. In any case, that particular color isn't going to make an appearance just yet.

No new flowers for the topiary. I was tempted to go pluck a few of the roses off my Grandmother's memorial vase I made a few years ago. Common sense took over and I felt like I would be stealing, so I didn't. Since I'm not going to make it as a fair entry this fall, there is no reason to not make it, it's own roses. No Cheating! says my daughter. I am planning on taking a few weeks off soon to handle 'personal business', so tatting will be a nice way to relax and draw my mind away. Honey says that he  knows when I've been tatting verses working with resin. According to him, when I resin work, I look frazzled. That my hair sticks up everywhere like I've been electrocuted. When I tat, I just look like I'm either angry (lost my place in the pattern because of distraction) or I'm daydreaming. Glazed eyes, mouth kind of hanging open, non-responsive to the rest of the world. I told him that's what he looks like when he plays his video games.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A bit of this and a bit of that

The deadline for my entry forms to the county fair was missed. We took the kids on a much needed outing and it slipped my mind. Yes, I probably should have taken care of it beforehand. It just didn't seem to be too much of a priority. This year the fair seemed to arrive much sooner than I expected it to. There honestly wouldn't be enough time, and I would just end up stressing myself out. This doesn't mean I'm not going to finish my projects. I will work on them when I find some time to spare, or the inclination to pick up my shuttles.

There has been progress on the Tatbit challenge piece. And a set back. I seemed to have joined the three ring chains to the wrong part of the butterflies. Three little rings, such a nuisance to fix. I was working it continuous thread method on each fan cluster. Cutting them off and still leaving enough of a tail to sew in later, just seems like too much work right now. The monotony of working with one solid color is also slowing me down. After only two motifs, the patterns are blending into one another and I'm joining where I shouldn't because I can't tell up from down. Something this complex in design needs color.

The resin piece I was to send in with tatting did not end up how I planned. I tried to put a 3D object onto what is a flat surface, and still keep the flow right. I did add three little butterflies to the piece and while it is still pretty, it's not what I envisioned. The colors of the background picture are more vibrant in natural sunlight. I have a second bezel to try again, but before I do that I need to make a mold that will hopefully cradle the piece in question better.

I finished my first run on the Evee shuttle. In a moment of complete laziness, instead of making a center post I just added a bobbin to it. Seems to work well enough. The blades are good enough of a size to hold balance with the bobbin. Don't mistake it, the bobbin is permanently embedded and cannot be removed. I'm not sure on the bobbin size, it came in a bulk bag of randomness I purchase months ago. I did get a bit carried away with the glitter. It's all nice and sparkley! A little bit too sparkley, the pictures of Evee are a bit obscured. It still has some fine sanding and one of the blades needs to be thicken with another layer of resin. The bobbin seems to hold as much as a Clover or the Aerolit bobbin shuttle from Handyhands. The size is at least what I was hoping to get, in between a SewMate and a Starlit shuttle!

I did receive some not so good news from the doctor's  recently. While I'm currently dangling between knowing it's not good and not knowing the extent of the damage, my mind is preoccupied. You know it's bad when they call you within an hour of getting the results back themselves. I have a few more days to wait to find out what's going on and listen to possible solutions. They just wanted to make sure they had me scheduled as quickly as possible, and to make sure I actually show up. I'm very forgetful and unless I put the appointment into my phone's calendar with a ring tone reminder, I completely forget. Today we go to my Grandmother-in-law's for her grandchildren roundup. She wants all her grandkids and great grandkids together for picture taking and a little picnic.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

This week has gotten away from me. Even this day feels like it has just begun and it is almost over already. Deadlines off all sorts are quickly coming up. I have lots of tatting projects to get finished and some which are waiting to get started. Those for my own pleasure are ironically getting worked on first. It doesn't help that the neighbors children decided to play ball in front of my Momcave window. Every time their balls hit the wall, I startle. Not a good thing when I'm working with resin. I can already feel my right eye beginning to swell up when I accidentally stabbed myself with the toothpick I was using to pop air bubbles with.

Going through Teri's blog I ran across the most beautiful doily. She stated that it was a computer generated version of what can be made with the base of one of her fan patterns. Also, that she hasn't actually tatted it up, but was looking forward to someone doing it. I took it upon myself to 'work it out'. I, of course, was already trying to find ways to climb out and avoid unnecessary cutting. Part of me was thinking that if I can finish it before the deadline, I can enter it into my county fair as well. It is definitely an eye catching pattern. I'm working this with DMC Pearl 12 in white. I was thinking of adding beads, but thought for a first run, I should just stick to the actual lace.

I need at least six large roses and about the same in lily's to fill up the different tiers of my topiary. The leaves will end up being the last to be tatted. I have no idea how many to make and I don't want to end up wasting tatting time by making more than I'm going to actually need.