Tuesday, January 20, 2015


After spending two hours untangling thread, I just didn't have it in me to tat anything. I wanted to. I was planning on it. I actually woke up with the thoughts, " I'm going to tat today!". After the ball fiasco, it killed the urge. Not wanting to waste my day, I went to another craft.

I brought out the clay and began making some more charms. I've added chibi's  to several of the hooks from my Boyle interchangable hooks. The metal cap that keeps the hook tips in place, is stripped so I was constantly having to twist it closed. It got annoying real fast. I started with added a clay Evee charm to my size 15 mini-hook, then expanded to adding charms to these hook heads, turning them into pendants.
Still waiting to get their faces painted on

One thing I needed was to make a stand for them to rest on while they dried. I made it out of a small Styrofoam ball and one of the mixing cups I used for my resin casting. I just glued that ball down and it was ready for use.

Maybe we should leave him faceless.
My little fox wanted to demonstrate how good it works!

At first I was going for a flat charm to make it easier to hold if I actually wanted to crochet with the hooks, but changed back to the chibi's. I haven't tested them out yet, so we'll see if this turns out to be a mistake. I was going to make them all Pokemon chibi's but my clay working skills are still in the beginner mode.

If they feel uncomfortable, I'll just cut them off and turn them into another type of hook pendants. I really like my little dragon, so I'm hoping they'll work for what I want.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Really, an update!

 I've made progress on my Spring doily. On the first cluster round. I was trying to decide if I should add that teal color here. After staring at it for hours, I decided to use it in the very last round of this doily.

 One thing I love doing after Christmas, it's doing the after sales on crafting items. I found these balls at Walmart, they were a dime each! $.10, I can afford. I bought about two dozen of them in the four types below. I want to go see if they are more in the other three Walmart stores we have here, but for now this should be enough. I don't want to become a crafting hoarder. These ball are large. 80 and 100MM sized!

 At another store I found these plastic serving trays. Only a dollar each. I picked up three. I thought they'd be a good base to mount some of the larger doilys on to. On one of them I have Jan Stawasz's beginning doily from Tatting Theory and Design. It's being worked in size 20, it's not going to fit when finished but in smaller sized thread I think it would look awesome. It has a nice reflective surface on it that if sealed with a thin layer of resin, would make a handsome wall decoration. The added appeal is that since it's a plastic tray, it wouldn't be too heavy if the resin layer isn't too thick. Plus is has a simple clean outer design that would compliment most tatting patterns out there without fighting for attention.
Some news for those wanting to know how I make my post shuttles,I've decided to start the tutorial. Using Jane's TIAS way of teaching, I'm making it to be easier on me and everyone to understand steps. I'm going to make up the first part today and have it posted on Friday.