Monday, April 20, 2009

Table Request

I showed my coworker the first rough draft
and she didn't care for it.
So having my Tungsten with me I let her scroll through some of the PDF's I had of tatting on it and she decided on this design:
I was slightly disappointed with the design she chose partly because I've already done it before. Tatting with size 20 thread takes up slightly less time than with the 80 but it's still very involved. So I decided to do the pattern with the Bamboo thread I purchased.
It's a size 10. At first it was very ackward for me to tat with. The answer for my problem, load less thread onto my metal Susan Bates shuttles and use these. Solution found. Only problem now is more ends to hide than I hoped for.


  1. Nice! You are so nice to make this for your co-worker! I think all of us dislike all those end!

  2. Glad you found the solution. It looks very good!

    Thanks for checking out my new blog! I really appreciate your visit!
    Fox : )