Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been challenged

Some friends from work have given me a challenge. Now let me start off by saying, these are not my designs in any way shape or form. I was asked to see if I could 'make' tatting eyecandy. Confused? Let me explain. I carry pictures of tatting made by others in my Tungsten. A friend asked if I could make a particular motif/pattern. Now most of these pictures I have just cause they are pretty and inspirational, and they have no written pattern or the pattern is not available for whatever reason. I just have the picture to work with. Now my task is to replicate the pattern. Sound interesting? It did to me. I don't want to imposed on anyone's copyright or even try to pass off someone else's work as mine. The point is to see if I can manage to reproduce the work. This is a project that can stimulate my mind so that eventually I'll be able to create my own patterns/designs. Like reverse engineering. Either way it will have to wait until I have finished the previous WIP's I already have going.

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  1. Hi Imoshen, I just over to let you know you've been tagged... ha ha! :)