Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making progress on the fan. Although all the time I'm able to actually work on it is on my way to work on the bus or during my lunch break at work. My son demands alot of attention, he's at that needy stage in his development.
During one of my breaks one of the girls asked me to tat her a snowflake. It shouldn't take too long but I want to finish this before it becomes a UFO. I also had another ask me to do a small table cover and possibly two coasters. I told her I would do it after I finish this fan, she gave me a bag with thread to use. It's size 30 thread. Much larger than what I am used to tatting with. One thing to be said about larger thread is that the project takes less time to do relative to size. So now I'm going to be looking for a pattern to do her small table cover.

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  1. It's very pretty. Good for you for keeping at it so it doesn't turn into a UFO. Heaven knows I have a "few" of those! LOL!