Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Progress regression

First off Happy Tatting Day! I spent most of the day at work, but still managed to tat on breaks. ^_^
I did start Fantasia over with verigrated thread. Primarily so I could split ring climb out from round to round. One thing I found out is, never tat when your tired! I found today as I was tatting that when I refilled my shuttles it was with the wrong batch of thread. So instead of just the green/purple combination I have blue/pink. I haven't gone too far so I suppose I could just cut the mistaken thread off. A friend from work was intrested in it and she seems to like the color combo's so I think I'll just finish it. I did the outer chains/rings to give an idea as to the size of the finished project. It's being tatting with size 70 coats and clark thread.


  1. very pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing more

  2. Well, it looks pretty! Oh, the mistakes we make when tired! I've learned the hard way, too, not to tat when I'm tired, LOL! :)