Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo!

Today is a double celebration for our family. First, it's Cinco De Mayo; Second it's my daughter's 15th birthday. Wow, she's gotten big. Not much time for tatting today. Here's the first of the Eternal Cross's I'm making.
I've attached a bar pin to the back instead of adding a ring to the top so it can be pinned to the lanyards we wear at work.One down, many more to go!


  1. Very pretty! Happy Birthday to your daughter and happy Cinco de Mayo to all! :)

  2. Nice tatting and very pretty blog.
    Congratulations on your daughters 15th birthday
    Connie A

  3. Beautiful work, and a clever idea to make the cross as a pin.
    Happy birthday to your daughter. Children do get big so fast!