Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photo update

Remember I mentioned I couldn't recall where I put it? Well my DH found it today!
Tatbit's Fantasia!
The camera doeesn't do it justice.
Also included are two Lilys I made for my Grandmother-in-law. The solid white one is from Linda Davis and the gold/white is from Ruth Perry. These two are some of my favorite patterns to do. They were tatted with Bamboo thread size 10 and the celtic has 2 strands yellow rayon and metallic gold threads twisted together.


  1. Your "Fantasia" is beautiful! WOW! Glad to hear your hubby found it. The Lilies are lovely, too!

  2. Fantasia is such a beautiful fan pattern. Teri did an awesome job with the design. I like the color you used.

    The Lilies are very nice too!!