Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best of the West

Today was the first day of our county fair.        
Most of the displays were quilts or suprisingly
Bobbin Lace. There was only one tatting entry
At least she got a blue ribbon. My brother's
FIL said she was hoping I would enter as well and was dissapointed that I didn't
make the deadline. Yeah me too.
The lights kept going off in the building
which was amusing to our son. I snapped
two pictures of a lovely floral setting when the
lights went out on me. I was pleasently amused
when we discovered my camera takes
pictures in low light.

Aren't they just pretty?
I saw this arrangement and thought is was worth capturing. I was thinking of tatting it up. Perhaps for next years entry. I have twelve months to finish it.
I thought this cake was just awesome! I love how they put the mask on it.
And this strawberry cake was just too cute. That's my daughter playing hide and seek with the camera. We walked around a bit, checked out some of the commerce stands but didn't find anything worth buying. So then I went back and went into the section of the exhibition hall that was temporarly closed when the lights flickered off. Afterwards we headed home while my daughter stayed behind, she ran into friends and wanted to hang out with them.

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