Friday, September 11, 2009

Monthly Project Progression

Here is what I've done so far.
For whatever reason it seems to have uploaded on it's side. I've tried to fix it, but it keeps loading this way. I climbed out wrong  on the last set but it's okay because I can still go around. It's supposed to be six by six smaller motifs, so if I pay closer attention to the corner I  climb out on, it should be okay. When I was tatting on it during break another associate asked for the finished piece. This is why I never have any old tatting to show, it keeps finding a home before it's finished. ^_^  The girl wanted me to show her how to tat for herself so I'll have to find my 'toss away' shuttles to I can give her a pair to learn on. I don't really care for flat shuttles, but sometimes they come in handy.

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