Monday, September 28, 2009

New techniques

First off, it's Monday!Go to Lady ShuttleMaker's Giveaway and play.

I've been given a tatting magazine in Spanish by a friend. It's called Neuvo Modelos in Frivolite. ^_^
In return for her kindness I'm going to make one of the patterns for her. I found one that just screamed to be made. It's called Guardanapo Eldorado located on page 13. I loved the chain play on it. I don't know how to follow spanish tatting patterns that are written out so I'm improvising on it. There are four basic sections and it seems to be general motifs joined together, but that chain makes it *pop*. There are five long chains linking motifs so I thought I'd try the Balanced Double Stitch (BDS)described by Ruth Perry.  You can find her demonstrating on youtube:  BDS

The pattern calls for 48 picots seperated by 4. I only did half the picots because the BDS essentially doubles the stitch count. The picots are also seperated a small bit wider than with a regular chain, but I think it's a good compromise. With the BDS I don't have to worry about blocking the chains later since they stay stiff on their own. I love this technique. I'm going to make the four connecting corners first, then fill in with the other motifs.
It goes without saying that September's Project will not be completed. This gift comes first. Not to say it won't ever be done, just not by the end of this month. I'll go back to it in November.


  1. I love the BDS technique! It especially makes all of her Celtic Patterns so much easier. And I hate blocking, so anything that helps me not have to block is awesome. :)

  2. Wow that looks so nice and sturdy.Is that because of the BDS? She is going to LOVE it!

  3. I have done a few of Ruth's patterns, Sparrow, but this is the first time using the BDS. Jeannette, it is wonderfully sturdy. I'm using one strand of embroidery floss and size 80 threads. With the BDS the floss doesn't flop around and the picots are almost as crisp as regular tatting thread.