Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October's Project/gift

This is what I'm making as a 'Thank You' for my friend. Isn't it just gorgeous? There seems to be 5 motifs that are joined together by the row of chains. After starting this, it doesn't seem to have too much stability from one motif to another. The inner center only has 2 joinings from the main motif to the side panel with a ring in each corner holding it. The ring is all but lost because the panels overlap on top of it obscuring it unless you flip it over.
I was thiking of joining the 3rd picot of the chains to the center motif. I don't want it to come apart should you pull too hard on it or if it's washed.
Her favorite color is green, so I'm using up the last ball of verigrated green/white size 80 thread I have with light silver embroidery thread for the chains(last post).
For more green to show in the panels connecting in the center, I'm planning to only use the verigrated thread. I was thinking of keeping the silver in the BDS chains. This larger piece is the main motif in the four coners. I split chain climbed from row to row and shoe lace tricked to keep the rings green  on the final row. So that I don't lose any portions of this already done, I'm actually working the pattern center to edge. It'll also help me to find ways to connect the chains together while still keeping to the pattern. Flimsy tatting is not appropriate for gift-giving to me. I may not have to stiffen the work after it's done. The chains are stable and the rest, water and blotting dry should take care of it. Too bad it didn't include a coaster pattern to go with it, it would have made a perfect place setting.


  1. It is gorgeous and very different - size 80 thread that must have taken you ages!

  2. This is a beautiful pattern! I don't remember seeing this one before. Good luck!

  3. What a challenge!
    Beautiful pattern. Enjoy it!
    : ) Fox