Friday, September 18, 2009

September project update

It's Friday and that means UFO update time! As you can tell not much completed. I did forget to join one corner of the motif when I climbed out to the new row. That makes the mistake count : 3, with 2 of them being missed joins. But only the sharp of eye can see The other corners hold it together well enough that it's not too noticable. I decided that I'd just post the update in the picture box to the left from now on.  I remembered what that purple thread was for, it was for some tatted gloves for my niece. She's only 5 so the size 80 thread would make the pattern a good fit for her. Instructions call for size 20 for a medium sized adult hand. I also changed the blog background. Too much black not enough color. I found a sight that had blogger 'secrets' that helped me to make it a 3 column blog and the widget worked! I'm so proud of myself for it. Yeah every victory counts, especially the small ones.     =^_^=

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