Monday, September 14, 2009

To-do container

To try and keep my unfinished projects to a minimum, I've started to put them in a carry-friendly box.
Since it only has 5 compartments, I can try and curb that habit of UFOs that are laying around everywhere from my tatting box to the side pockets of my glider chair to even the remote caddy in the living room. LOL... The current occupants of the box are:
 Arches by Marliee Rockley. Im on the second to the last row where you actually form the "arches". As you can see, I may have to leave off the final round because of size. As it is, the tatting is starting to push the retaining piece in the back out of shape and I'm afraid it won't hold if I do that final round.

The second project is the pink doily from the Swedish magazine. I haven't made any progress on it since I mis-climbed out of the round, so no picture there. Then there is a ball of purple verigated size 80 thread with  bobbins already filled with it. I can't remember what it was I had planned for it, so it stays just in case. Then we have Party Time Doily by Rita Weiss. I just about completed this round but the thread kept breaking. I suppose I was tatting to tightly. I wanted to do the larger doily of it and not the regular size but for now it waits its turn. Unfortunately it's curling because of the way I store it. I just wrapped the tatting around the shuttles.
And for the grand finale: September's Monthly Project. This shows how I had to improvise the climbing out. I'm missing two of the squares in the starting round. Looking at the photo of the doily, it is possible to add these to it after I start on the outer motifs. If I stay with this color combination as the only two, I won't have to hassel with hiding too many ends. So far it's been continous, and although I would rather keep it that way, I'm afraid that the other balls of these are from different lots. I was thinking of using white to encase it all.

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