Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Funniness

Not tatting related, but it might make you chuckle... warning I cannot tell jokes in anyway, shape, or form and make them funny.

My DH, and son, along with my youngest brother went to meet up with my older brother to watch Zombieland today. It was a funny movie, I recommend it. Afterwards we were just chatting and catching up. My older brother is 'moding' his car and mentioned that they gave him a ticket for not having a license plate on the front of it. We give our 'oh man that sucks' and his roommate says: "That's not the half of it, they came and arrested him for it." He missed his assigned court date on his ticket. The sad part of it is that he went to courthouse 2 days beforehand to make sure his time was confirmed. The attendant there told him he had to wait for the 'courtsey card' listing his time to arrive, they were backlogged. Two weeks after missed said date, they arrived at his door to arrest him. There he was, handcuffed in socks, sitting in a police car, while he explained his story to the cop. A few minutes later, the cop lets him go but gives him a ticket as a goodbye present....for having a warrant on him for missing the first court date...
Part two of ticket funnies..
Same brother goes to pay another ticket given to him. He comes out to find the meter-maid giving him yet another ticket for "parking outside of the white lines". His Mitsubitsi Eclipse has fat tires and they stick out a bit on the sides. Now his tires were no more than a few centimeters on the white line. He tries to show that it wasn't enough to give a citation for. The meter-maid tells him, she's just doing her job. He asks if she's planning on writing a ticket for the car parked next to him that is taking up two spots. She says no, that the car is still parked in the white lines, even if it is three of them.

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