Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I finally got a day off work, technically tomorrow. The yucky part of it is that I'm sick. Hey at least I'll get to lay in bed and tat, assuming that my toddler lets me. On the tatting front: I've done 2 of Norwegian Dragons by Anne Bruvold. I did them with Gutermann quilting thread, they had them buy one get one free at my local JoAnn's fabric store, so I bought 2 different colors, I can't pass up a sale like that. ^_^

Okay, now for some sad tatting news... My shuttles have gone the way of the fishies. My son really did flush 2 of my favorite shuttles and my project down the toilet.

 I'm suprised they went down...then again maybe not. We had to have the plumber come out today to un-stop the line. The project that left was the doily El Dorado, so now I don't have enough thread to do it they way I planned. I'm starting it over (the story of my tatting life) wit just white Pearl 12 DMC.

 For the green factor I thought of adding green beads to it.  I thought in the long chains and in the outer strips holding it all together. I'm going to do one 'arm' and see how the beads play out.  And yes, that is one of my new shuttles from Lacis.


  1. Oh no! Not the tatting in the toilet! You poor thing! Now that I think about it, I have a toddler and I am missing a pink sew mate....

  2. Oh, that had to just feel sickening when you lost the shuttles and tatting! I wish you luck with the next version.