Friday, October 2, 2009

Playing around

Well, I've finally done it. "What did you do?" you might ask. I've finally written up a pattern of my own design. Wow, it was a lot of work. I have to hand it to all those desingers out there whom so graciously share their own works with us. I've spent more fruastrating hours trying to find a layout, typing out the pattern itself, and editing all the images. Not to mention converting the different formats to one or another. For example, the pattern was saved as a jpeg file (which I will upload later in the post for those who want it), then converted to PDF. I did this hoping to shrink the file size. It did, but only a little. When I tried to upload the PDF it was too large for my favorite web forum to host (badge is over in the right side of the page *wink,wink*) so I had to go back and re-edit. I then saved the graphed portion of it as a GIF. This did manage to make the limit upload. However, those who don't tat by pictures might be confused on the sequence of rings, then again maybe not, I did put arrows in to show the way.
One thing I wished I would have done is save the background image. There's a set of four of these and if I had only saved that image, I would have saved myself alot of time. Now when I go to write up the next pattern, it'll feel like square 2. Why not 1? Well I have the layout already. Change a few words on page one, then type up part two and whala! done. Graphic-wise, I'm kicking myself in the bottom. The base is the same in all four motifs. GRRRRR... Well I guess I chop that one up to a new experience. Anyho...enjoy...


  1. I am SO very impressed! This is amazing for your first design - for ANY design! Congratulations!
    Fox : )

  2. Thank you Fox, it's always feels so good to be appreciated. ^_^

  3. I missed this! Great job! I think your tatted cards are so clever!