Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A whole week has gone by and I have done... next to nothing in the tatting realm. Oh but that doesn't mean I don't have a tale to tell, afterall Halloween is right around the corner...

A tired tatter comes home one night after work. Not having much strength, the pair of shuttles making their home in said tatter's pocket get placed on the night stand. Upon waking late, the Tatter rushes off to another hectic day of confusion and manual labor in order to make the upcoming holidays more festive. Days go by and those poor shuttles remain silent, awaiting the return of their master to make them sing again. A week later, after completing the festive decorations, the Tatter goes in search of the shuttles. But alas, they are no longer on the nightstand as the Tatter believed. Feeling confused, the Tatter searches every drawer, every cabinet, every nitch, trying to find the pair. After throwing their hands up in fraustration, a small bit of string catches their eye. Going down on hands and knees, the Tatter carelessly tosses aside the days freshly completed laundry to see if the missing shuttles were hiding under a rocker in the corner. Sadly no, it was just a portion of tatting cut off from the main piece. The Tatter sighs in disappoint and heads to the bathroom to splash some water on their face while mentally retracing steps. There's a knock at the door. The Tatter opens the door and sees the one person they forgot to ask about the whereabouts of the missing shuttles, standing there. "Are you looking for the shuttles that had the green thread thingy on it?" the person asks.
"Yes! Have you seen it?" the Tatter responds unable to hide the hope within their voice.
The person at the door sighs and says, "Yeah, but you're not gonna like where I saw them."
Not caring where they were the Tatter asks for the pair.
"I can't give them to you."
The Tatter starts to get angry and demands to have the shuttles returned.
"Sorry, but the last time I saw them, they were in the process of being flushed." The person says as he points to the toilet.
Utter disappointment envelops the Tatter.
The Tatter shakes their head and mourns the loss of two of their favorite friends. Reminicisng of the coutless hours spent together, the beautiful items made.... The Tatter says their final farewell and opens up a chest to find another pair of shuttles to try and fill the void. Holding the new shiny pair, the Tatter can't help but feel a moments joy at having friends to share time with again.
But head this warning:  Unattended Shuttles may become victums of curious toddlers fingers called fate.

True story or a work of fiction.... you decided.

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  1. LOL!!
    Such a tragic and unexpected end for the poor innocent shuttles! Waiting for the sequel....
    Fox : ))