Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The current work is coming along better. I still didn't join where the pattern calls for but I think it'll turn out the same. I did put in a small picot to stablize the center motifs and the little flowers, they definately look better in comparison. I also decided to do the side chains last, since I was debating with using the Balanced Double Stitch in the long chains. As they stand they are very flimsy and even with starching, I don't think they'll hold up too well. I left this photo as close to the original size as I could so if you wanted a closer look you can see the beadwork and stitches better. Even though this is October's project, I'm going to leave up until I finish it. My online guild, InTatters, is having a challenge to make something from one the tatting books you have. More like from a book you haven't worked any patterns from before. I'm going to do that as well, as a break from this one when I need it. But nothing complicated this time, small and simple it'll have to be. On a side note: this is the second time my son has 'done away' with my shuttles. This time I have a corspe to prove it.. it was my Hero Detach A Spool that was broken in two. How he managed to do it, it beyond me. I'm just glad he didn't hurt himself in the process since the point on it is very sharp.

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  1. I am interested to see your project finished, and I too am curious how your shuttles ended up that way.