Saturday, November 28, 2009


I recieved in my mail my Secret Santa package from my Intatters' Guild. Thank You Carol for your wonderful gift. I am so tempted to rip that package open and see what goodies it may contain. But it's a Christmas present so under the tree it went. It teases me everytime I go into my living room, taunting me, but I have to reisist... I'm playing  'Santa" for two people and I just have to finish packing one and then *swoosh* off they go to their destintations.
Getting ready to start the second arm of the El Dorado doily. Not much time to do tatting these past few days, I work retail in a mall. *sigh* However, I did finish one ornament and so am getting ready to do the second for above mentioned giftee's. I'm thinking of posting the ornaments but not sure if I should. It's supposed to be a secret. Perhaps the ornaments could be justified as a

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