Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving with the in-laws was great as it always is. My DH's grandmother is an awesome cook! She asked me when I was going to show her to tat, so I pulled out my shuttles and showed the recent retry of the El Dorado doily. This time it's being worked with size 20 Cebelia thread. And I found out that it stays pretty stiff on it's own. Lovely.It seems like my pictures are on a broken record kick right now. lol...

 She knits and crochets and so seems to appreciate tatting for all the work it can potentially be. I'm thinking of making her something for Christmas. Since I'm on a doily kick right now, I think I'll see about getting some HDT in her favorite color. While at the in-laws, I joined all the smaller motifs together and just about finished the side strip. I was suprised how quickly I was able to tat it up this time around. I suppose it's the repeatation of it all. I'm pulling a double shift tomorrow so I'll have time between shifts to keep doing the arms. The center piece of it is also finished but I just haven't attached it together yet.


  1. Although this is beautiful, it's not something I would tackle myself so I admire your continued efforts. It's coming along very well and will be a piece you'll be very proud of!

  2. Very beautiful work!
    Good tatting!