Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well, everyone how's your day going? Mine is just roses...on Monday I recieved not one but 2 count them 2 unexpected (sort of) checks both over a hundred dollars and a gift card from my work..all of one check is gone, darn bills, but I have yet to cash out the other. Can  you say new SHUTTLES?!  Or maybe an new camera, one that my daughter might not be compelled to take.  ^_^  I am so grateful for that extra money that nothing has been able to dampen my mood since.
I'm being Secret Santa for 2 people from Intatters guild and I have 2 ladies approach me on making a couple of crosses. That number two seems to be re-occuring lately. Back to my Secret Santa, I think I'll make a fun looking ornament pattern by..on no, I don't have the designer's name! I just have a feeling the designer's male. I remember printing it out because at the time I hadn't seen too many male tatting designers. The only one I could name at that time was Mark Myers, and I didn't even know his real name until a couple of years later. I always referred to him as My other reciepent didn't really give me any ideas as to what to send.So I suppose I'll make a more traditional ornament . I have some nicknacks to include but I thought it would be neat to make a small book of patterns in public domain for them. I love doing things like that with my printer and have hand binded a couple of books already. Now they are by no means 'professional-looking' but the point is that it was something created.
On the El Dorado front.... I haven't started that again. But after I pick up DH from work he can 'distract' our son so I can begin. I'm planning on doing just the 'arms' of it and save all the connecting chains and the center motif for last. I may be able to get one arm completed tonight before bedtime, but just looking out my window it feels like it's past my bedtime. It's hazy and feels so late. Hmmm, I think I'll go make some tea. Well, off I go to red up on the bogs I follow and then to make that cup of warm goodness.

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