Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I tried a different way to add the beads to the El Dorado Doily. Instead of placing them on the longs chains, I tried replacing picots on the smaller flower motifs with them. I don't know if the doily is going to get alot of wear or if it's going to be displayed or stored, so how I add beads may shorten the life of the doily. The long chains I already did for two of the arms didn't last too long, since the beads would get caught on things and one carless move and you could lose beads. Selfishly I'm thinking this is too much work for it to get ruined like that. So, I tried putting them in like this instead.

I replaced some of the decorative picots with the beads. But that didn't give enough of a green contrast to it so then I placed them in the center of the outer strips.

My DH thought this looked 'prettier' than just having it in the long chains. I have to agree with him. It did give the doily more balance. So here's one last picture prior to joinging the motifs together.

I was contemplating redoing the center piece  with beads as well then changed my mind. Move foward not back. Since each motif is individually made I just cut out the smaller flowers and added beads to those, as well as the strips. On the long chains I'm leaving the picots without beads but am doing the Balanced Double Stitch to keep it stiff. The above picture is the last arm I'm modifying then all that will be left to do it the long chains, plus hiding the ends. After one last wash and press it will be finished!
I found these ornaments and thought they'd be perfect for the smaller threads I'm trying to use up. I think I'm going to tat in size 20 or 30 thread for a while since it is easier to undo mistakes with. I remember a time when I thought these threads were huge. Now they've became my normal thread. Speaking of which, all together with all the re-tatting and what not the El Dorado doily would have taken up 1 ball of size 20 Cebelia DMC thread. One ball, that's it? Yup, just one ball. Amazing.


  1. Your doily is gorgeous. I like your idea about the beads. People snagging and ripping tatting hurts. Thank you I did have a great birthday so far! DS9 Designs have some lovely tatted bead ornament kits that would really do you ornament justice. Or go to their site and download the free pattern and add your own beads. You might find it fun.

  2. I like the addition of the beads! I can't wait to see it all together & blocked. It's going to be gorgeous!