Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fox sent me a another gift. Inside said package was this.
A Susan Bates shuttle!  

Earlier she had sent some thread and a metal tatting shuttle. Unfortunately the shuttle didn't finish its jump across the borders. Yesterday, this one did. I was flabergatsed, um, is that the right word? I'm so touch by her kindness. It seems people in Tatland are so giving to others. What a wonder community we all have.
Now on to other excapades..
The thread that got colored..


The actual Ecru ball turned out to be a  blue that is dark. Like a midnight blue, I haven't started to wind that bunch onto thread holders yet. I got impatient and toss the whole bunch into my dryer so a tangle mess they came out. The greenish blue one above was supposed to be solid green. While they were rinsing some blue dye transfered over so it holds hints of pale blue blended in with the 'mint' green. The blue one to the left was done 'dry'. The tye-dye said to add to damp cotton, this was dry. So it's verigrated from a denium blue to dark blue green. When done dry the colors are dark when done damp they came out brighter/lighter.
I'm happy with the green because it's a shade that I was looking to use for another project. I was going to buy embroidery floss in a color very similar but that would not have been very time effiecent. Now that's no longer an issue. All the above threads are size 20 except the dark blue that isn't pictured, that's 30.
If I was to ever do this again I'm going to make sure I tie them off better. I don't like spending hours
 de-tangling thread. Even if the end results are worth it. I'll leave the dyeing to

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