Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diagram number 11 from the book is done. I know I skipped the first 5 or 6 motifs, I was just drawn to start where I did. I plan on going in order so I don't get lost. These are still pretty simple and straight foward patterns. I'm just not compelled to finish these so quickly. There are a few that just seem like 'cast offs' to me and they are floral-ish in origin. It's like the single ring "spiders" you see. Just a ring with the picots cut. I guess I've become a tatting snob when it comes to patterns. I blame you El Dorado doily. I look foward to complexity now and don't feel like it's worthwhile if the pattern is too simple. Another annoying trait is that I'm losing patience with the size 80 thread. Maybe I should set the shuttles down for a while.
Nope not happening.

I went to the local Swap Meet here at our fairgrounds mainly to accompany my mother who enjoys going to these things. Sometimes you can get lucky and find some shuttles. No such luck on this trip, but I did find these cute bangels. They're obviously for either children or for dolls and I grabbed a pack to trying adding tatting to it.
I've had the idea of entering the El Dorado doily to my county fair this fall. I knew the beads would be an eye-popper but it was alot of work to get it to press properly. For now this is what I've done on it.

I'm using 3 strands of DMC embroidery floss in two shades, Deep Plum and Light Lavendar. I didn't do the four strips seperately, I spent most of the afternoon figuring out how to get it in one pass but still maintain the square-ish shape of the center. Since they share a connecting chain, I substituted it with a ring then did a chain to form the corner. I only plan on doing the center and then setting it aside for a few weeks. I have plenty of time to go back to it. 
I was reading Tatbit's blogger and found a few patterns of hers that I wanted to try out. Frankly, I'm tired of working with beads and most of her current patterns are bead heavy, but there are some early pieces that look like fun. I just feel the need to tat and can't seem to narrow my attention span long enough to finish one.. Or I start to wind a shuttle, then change my mind on the pattern. It's very fraustrating. It's like trying to read a book and you can't because there's too many distractions that keep pulling you away. Except the distractions are imaginary and all in my mind. Oh, looks like 'Tweaker Syndrome' is knocking on my doorstep again.

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