Friday, January 1, 2010

The first motif from the book is complete...

It was done with Ecru thread. I'm not sure on the size or the manufacter of it, it was a nameless/tagless ball of thread. It feels like size 30 or maybe 40. I have some 20 and it's slightly thinner than that. It's also twisted different than the Pearl 12 I have but about the same thickness. I'm planning on using this ball of thread up with this book's various motifs.
I also bought another binder to put the finished items into. The copy of the book I have is borrowed so I thought to scan the diagrams of the patterns and print them out with the finished work secured next to it. Like a scrapbook with three or four motifs to a page. This is of course an edited picture to give an idea of what I had in mind.

I bought some plastic zipper bags (100 in a pack for about $1) in two differnt sizes, small 2x3 inches and large 4x6. Until I have printed out the papers I'm simply writting the pattern number on the bag with a pen so I don't forget which ones have already been done. And when the binder is full, I'll cover the outside with fabric and such, like a baby or memory book. I learned to do that because my daughter's baby book has needed and gone through several washings over the years. I think I'll label my tatting memory book as Diagramed Tatting, with some divider tabs with a picture of the book listing the author/designer, that I can use to seperate the different books worked on.


  1. Your motifs are lovely! I am really liking your watermarks for the photos! Very cool!

  2. Thank you TattingChic. I'm usually experimenting with different outline shapes trying to find something nice but not overbearing.