Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have returned to the Japanese book. I started the floral motifs just because they'd be fast. I began this one and thought I was just wasting my thread. It's probably not fair, these motifs are most likely meant to be joined into a larger picture.

I can't figure out what type of flora this is supposed to be. At first I thought..grapes. Since the bunch is in purple and the larger green rings are the leaves. This is as far as I got before I set it aside.

Then I thought to work on the new El Dorado doily some more. I like the boldness of the blue but am having doubts that it may be too bold. I didn't want to play with beads anymore so I was going to alternate the chain/rings color with every round. I'm using two different types of thread. Pearl 12 DMC white and 2 strands of  DMC color 995 embroidery floss. Using three strands made it feel like size 20 thread.
I set that aside as well. I was distracted reading blogs, and followed a link by CrazyMomTats that led to funny and some just nasty people dressing in public. I was on that site for about 2 hours looking at every picture. My daughter and I had a good laugh. It's so easy to get distracted from what you were doing with the internet. I try to limit myself to tatting sites for fun but find myself streaming Hulu or another site for Anime to my television. Why did I get online for again? Cleaning out organizing the garage led to fabric swatches that hold potential for covering my Tatting Scrapbook, as well as some larger plastic rings. I think they were meant for some project five or so years ago, because there was alot of them. Now they will practiced upon for covering with tatting. I've never encaspulated a ring before and it looks like a new skill to try.
I have and idea for another original pattern. This one is more jewelry based. I can't call it a glove and bracelet just doesn't seem like the right word either. Wrist corset is more an accurate description. I have a rather large tattoo on my left wrist and the new "boss" at work doesn't approve. So the idea came to hide it with tatting. I have an animal picture for inspiration/reference. I do have to sketch it out. Free form tatting, like in the hat and   cards I did before isn't going to cut it. Here is the early attempt.
 The idea was to start on one corner and work my way back. This was to go over the pinkie finger and the blocky section was to be the start of a wing. But in the end I think it would be too complicated. So how to simplify? Well, that's where sketching it out is going to come in handy. My mind is concentrating on this because of the challenge factor. I'm hoping to have this done or at least final sketched before March. My other addition is bearing fruit then... I am a Pokemon addict. *sigh* The newest release for the Nintendo DSI is in March. Sad to say but I might end up taking a hiatus from tatting for a month or so while I feed my need.

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