Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm having a 'blah' tatting week. You know, want to make something but not having the energy to put the effort into it. With Valentine's Day coming up I find myself starting up hearts and roses. I haven't finished a single one. I did manage to add  another element to the doily I'm giving away. It's almost half of one arm completed. I took this picture in natural light so you can see the true brightness of the blue. She's a beauty, alright.

I also started tatting with the thread I 'dyed'. I'm making Yarnplayer's "Arches" doily. I wished I would have laid the thread out in longer strips, so the variation of color was more subtle.
I was visiting Elisadusud blogger. There is some amazing tatting that incorporates cluny into it. I wished there was some patterns written out, like for the heart. I would really like to make one of those for myself.

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  1. You say you wish you'd dyed your thread differently but I like it.