Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspiration has struck! On my way to work I passed a patio shop. And I had my eye drawn  to a beautiful wrought iron chair. It looked so much like lace in metal that I tried as quickly as I could to snap a picture of it with my phone.
I'm going to try and replicate it. If I can get it done correctly I may just enter it in my local fair this fall. Even in it's hazy imaging I can see how the chains and rings should fall. You can't really see the backrest because of the sun so I'm hoping it'll be there tomorrow so I can take a better photo.

I'm dying a batch of violet/pink thread. I could just buy some online, and I mostly likely will in the coming weeks, but I needed it like now. I'm going to do about a dozen of Kim's Forever Roses for the girls at work. I have one coworker in particular that just eats up any tatting that crosses her path.She doesn't ask for the little bits but I offer them to her and she's never said no. She admires the lace, but lacks the confidence to take up the shuttles herself I think. I have plenty of pink and red in size 80 but I wanted to work in a larger thread. I made sure to do a larger batch (400 yards total) of the violet and pink and a batch of the two combined to complete these flowers. It's a free pattern so if you want to make some yourself, click the link and it'll take you to the website.

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  1. Ha, I see you take inspiration from ironwork just like me :) My family always laugh at me when I take a pic of fence and railing. But isn't it just beautiful sometimes? Keep it up girl!