Saturday, January 9, 2010

My feelings have been hurt. I spent so much time on something that I believed would be well recieved, instead it was unwanted. Perhaps it was a bit presumptious of me to think they'd want something made from the gift given. Still, you can't help feel what you do.I shouldn't let myself get too upset, she at least past it on to someone else who I hope will appreciate it. I suppose I just haven't had to deal with rejection when it came to my tatting before that made it sting.A small childish part of myself wanted to demand the return of the doily, just so I could tear it apart. *sigh* Lesson learned I suppose.
No new photographs today..I spent a few hours playing around in PhotoImpact. In the end I decided to change my blogger header. Then I spent another hour going through pictures of old projects and WIP's. In the end I chose the Fantasia Fan by Tatbit, that was my first project on this blogger. I'll probably end up changing it again next week.
I did set up the first two pages of the Tatting Scrapbook with the few motifs I already finished. I ended up simply glueing the plastic baggies to the cardstock I printed the graphed patterns on.

Edit: As an ego booster to myself I am going to re-tat this doily. I will be giving it away when it's completed. I'll post when it's ready so anyone interested in recieving can leave a comment.


  1. How unfortunate, how can people be so hurtful. Particularly when they don't know the time, effort (not to mention, blood sweat and tears) that goes in to hand made items.

    I would be proud to receive anything handmade, in fact I much prefer it. And, I also tell my children I would rather they make me a gift than buy it.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope that you can find some closure in making another one.....feel free to send it to me!

  3. oh no... =(

    I think you need a hug *hug*

    I like receving handmade presents. It makes them special but I guess not everyone feels that way.

    So sorry that you had to go through that.

  4. Oh what a shame, after all the time you spent making that gift! It sounds as though you are working through it, however, and there are a lot of us who love handmade items.


    Jane S.
    janers41 at hotmail dot com

  5. That's very, very hurtful and I can't understand how anybody could be so horrid when you'd put so much time and trouble into it. She should've smiled sweetly, thanked you and kept her thoughts to herself. I'd put her on my list of people who I'd do nothing for in the future!!! Well, nothing handmade anyway.

  6. I can understand why you want to re-tat your doily - you have to "reclaim " it. I remember something about not casting pearls among swine - seems apposite to your experience!
    I'm sure anyone in the tattting community would be thrilled to give your doily a special place in their homes.

  7. I am very, very careful about who I give my tatting to for that VERY reason! Some people give their tatting away willy nilly and I just can't! I love what I do so much, understand how long it took and for someone to either cast it aside like it's "another crocheted doily" or whatever is just too much for me to bear!
    I am in agreement with Maureen about not casting pearls before swine" and tatting definitely is a pearl!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Awwwwww that's so hurtful! There are those who just don't appreciate handmade anything. They are usually those who are clueless as to how much went into the making, & they are usually people who don't do any type of crafting themselves.

    Good for you for re-claiming that doily by tatting another! Wooohooo!!

  9. I'm so sorry you experienced that! I LOVE handmade gifts, but I, too, am a bit reserved in my giving of them. I have to try very hard to give a gift and forget about it beyond that - I want the recipients of my efforts to love it like I do! Too many people don't appreciate anything handmade, but it's truly their loss.

    Your replacement doily will be great therapy for you, and a great gift for someone who truly appreciates it :)


  10. So painful reading about your experience, afraid I just give tatted items away not thinking that anyone will not be grateful. BUT reading your blog and the comments, especially TattingChics, perhaps its best to be more selective. Although you are hurt thank you for sharing this very important issue.

  11. Gosh some people just dont think and they also dont realise what a heirloom they are missing out on. I just love handmade stuff. Margaretha

  12. I hear you, it sucks. However, you gave the gift with good intentions and she a least passed it on to someone who cared. You need to be happy with that. Once the work has left you hands and gone into the world you need to let it go. It sucks that it was unappreciated but has been passed on to someone who may never have received such a gift any other way. Ask your friend, there may be more to this story.

  13. Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts. When this doily is finished, I'll use a random number generator to chose who will get it. It'll have its own post, mostly likely in about 3 weeks.
    Thank you again everyone. I feel much better.

  14. Their bad karma, not to mention lack of a beautiful piece of art!

    Do as Chiclet says, and be VERY careful to whom you give gifts of tatting!

    I am looking forward to seeing the new doily when you have furnished it!
    ♥♥ Fox : )