Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not much to report. Fighting with the toddler's fingers while trying to read how everyone is in Bloggerland. It was sad to learn Mary Konior has passed on.
Had fun playing with a Tie-Dye kit. We had left over dye so I drowned the Ecru ball of size 30 thread into it.No matter how that turns out, it'll be an improvement to the ball. Playing around with the dye gave me an even larger appreciation for those who spend so much time actually doing it. It's extremely messy and I wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis. We had the 'quickie' kit so the only mixing was with water and it came with bottles already possessing the accurate measure of powder in it. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.
I did have some fun re-vamping my header. I think this one looks much more elegant. It is a Tatbit bracelet pattern and my ShuttleShop Shuttle that I got late last year. I have to look into getting more of those. I'm not a participant of Tatting Tea Tuesday but I did recieve some tea that was just yummy. It's a 7 flowers tea but I don't know who makes it cause it's in a language I can't read. Still I have a box of it and I have a feeling it won't last too long.


  1. I'm just caught up on your blog - glad you managed to convince your MIL to get an xray. Too many potential complications to let that go. Your bracelet is pretty. I rarely wear bracelets myself but like to make them. LOL!