Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I gave up on the Japanese tatting book. Another time maybe.  In an atttempt to move away from the doilys I seem to be doing all the time, I decided to try antique 'wearables'. Or anything jewelry-ishy. The first one is a butterfly clasp. I found this pattern when I was learning to needle tat and the directions just had me completely confused. Perhaps it was me just learning to read written out directions, or understand the general terminology, but I just didn't get it. So I went back to it. I got the directions this time. The necklace part of it is simple, josephine chains, I think is the right word. I'm tatting it with size 20 thread I dyed for the roses, this is the violet/magenta batch.
I was also trying out tatting with 32 gauge wire. Just to see if I could do it. I saw a fellow tatter who did so with silver. His results were so pretty. It was really hard to do. I couldn't close a ring in the same manner as thread. If it kinked, it broke. Then I tried doing it like I was needle tatting. It was easier, but I still couldn't close the ring like normal. Manipluating the wire was better if I manually put the two ends together then slid the core through. I wanted it to look like my regular tatting, meaning I didn't want the Double Stitches to be too far apart or too wide. To solve this problem, I tatted it really really slowly then as I made one half of the DS I pushed it as close as I could to the previous set, like you would when doing clunys. I actually tried to make a cluny leaf, but the kinking wouldn't let me close. It was ugly. The joining of rings was a bit of a pickle to figure out. I joined by pulling the wire like a normal join then wrapping the 'ball thread' around the core and sliding it through the loop. I counted it like the first half of a DS. Now the 32 guage wire is really flexible, considering that it is wire but it's also really thin. So the end results came out to be a bit like size 100 thread.


  1. I have that butterfly clasp necklace written out if you'd like a copy. If you're reading it from the original, it's hard to follow. I used the butterfly for a similar necklace when I taught false plaits (braids) at Palmettos. I used the braids, made from split rings that overlap each other like chains in a necklace instead of the cord they had in the pattern. Gosh..I should get it out and wear it!

  2. Thanks Gina for your offer. I'm actually using a revision of the pattern done by you. *smiles*

  3. Imoshen, wire tatting is much easier if you get even smaller wire 36,38 or even 40 and use multiple plies. Tats almost like thread.