Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is one of the Arches Doilys by Yarnplayer that I made with the green thread I dyed. I have no camera (pilfered again) so I took the picture with the webcam. DH promised me another camera so when that puppy gets here, I will change the picture. Another change will be my header. I have to find all the install disks for my photo editing software so I can work on this new netbook. 
My family and I are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow to celebrate both my husband's and son's birthday. I want to see if there's any shops to buy tatting stuff in the LA area. It's a week long trip, and I can only do amusements parks for so many days before I start going nutty. I'm taking the "giveaway" doily to work on to keep from going stir crazy.

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  1. The doily looks very pretty in the green and white!