Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been working on this particular doily for a while now. The first time I actually completed one, took MONTHS, as in half in year almost. I kept having to restart it. Sometimes because I didn't like the way the thread was coming out some because it got lost, and some because I wanted to embellish it with beads. There was always SOMETHING. I made it as a gift for someone. It turns out doilys weren't their thing. My feelings were hurt, so to get over it I am remaking it and giving it away. I was 25% complete as of last Sunday. This morning I went to get the container I was storing it in only to not be able to find it. I searched everywhere. It is gone. I think my husband might have thrown it out when he 'cleaned' a few days ago. Alot of things went the way of the trash can that day.
It seems that this doily is going to be one of those rare items that people charge exhorbant amounts of money for, at least in time factor.It makes it easier to understand why some tatted pieces are listed for some much money online. I keep having to go back and restart, like a bad subject in school. *sigh* It's starting to feel like it's cursed, although I know it's only my fraustration with the whole situtation. So it seems like I'm going to have to start over YET AGAIN.
I will make two of these in two different sized thread. One is going to be framed and put on my wall, the other will be for my giveaway. Then this pattern being shelved. I will not be doing it again. DH's toolbox will be mine after this little fiasco, it's only fair, I think. This is my current tatting area... It's the computer desk. I need to have some shelves put on the wall so I can make room for that toolbox. See that black and white box under the printer? It used to house finished projects, now it has only paper in it. How did this happen? *sigh* Angry cleaning.

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