Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look at these gorgeous shuttles that arrived today...

Heather from hajdesigns31 , was kind enough to send me a replacement for the green one I broke the tip off. Thank you Heather.  ^_^    I still get struck on how beautiful the work on it is. That larger wave shuttle has a nice weight to it. My daughter wants the one with the paw prints for herself. I told her that they were for me to train my hands to tat with, she laughed at me. There is another one that screams SPECIAL... Her work is so dainty and pretty. 
I started working on my pendant for the Intatter's exchange. I can't give details, and believe me I want to, but it struck me as a funny when I recieved my partner's name. Funny ha ha not funny I have two more gifts to make then I think I'll do some 'easter themed' tatting.

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