Saturday, March 13, 2010

My newly acquired shuttles.... I got all these from the Lacis website. There should be another green 'sew mate' in there with the purple but I think it may still be in the car. The package arrived this morning as I was leaving. I had to take it with me and fondle the shuttles as my DH drove me to work. The pair of long green ones are plastic with a 'metallic' overcoat on them.
These are bufflo horn. There some scratches and chipping on one of the sides, I purchased them this way. They were "seconds" and I wanted to get a feel for horn. My handyman co-worker said it's easy to fix with a little bit of really fine sandpaper. I can also use the sandpaper to open the tips a little bit more, they are super tight. But aren't they just lovely?
This is the largest shuttle I have ever owned. It's 3 inches long. I love filegree work on metal, so I bought a pair. I really want to get a pair of the other filegree shuttles they had, but I have to save up for those. Maybe Mother's day........

These goregous shuttles are clay and I purchased them on Etsy from hajdesigns31 . I also purchased a pair of mini shuttles but forgot to photograph those.  I fell in love with the lace pattern on the green shuttle, I told my DH that I had to have it. I already broke the green one's tip. Like I mentioned before, I'm rough with my shuttles. So these shall be put up for display. A little bit of epoxy fixed it right up. *wink* I plan to purchase another set to 'train' my hand to be gentler with clay. These are just too beautiful to risk. She sent me some goodies (an extra set of the mini shuttles in heart shape and some thread) along with these.
This is the end of  my self-indulgence for now. All together I spent less on these babies than my DH spent on even 1 video game for his XBox. In one of my catty moments I mentioned it when he made a comment as "What more shuttles?". Pssssffft...wait until Mother's Day comes nearer...I'm getting some Shuttle Brother's and Shuttle Shop wooden ones than....muhahahahahaha...


  1. I want some of her shuttles too. I like the little mini hearts and the gingerbread pair. Watch out for me in a dark alley, I'm likely to mug you for them. (I'll claim temporary insanity in court)