Thursday, March 4, 2010

Organization. That is my mission for tonight. I have my tatting paraphanelia scattered everywhere. I have too many plastic containers with a little bit of this and little bit of that. *sigh* Of course when I need a particular item I go on missions to find it and get I had some stored up credit at my work, I went looking around for a lightweight tool box to help me get my stuff together. I could've went and bought a fishing box (suggested by FIL) but I need to be able to adjust the compartments to my needs.
This has 3 drawers that come out and can be made to fit my needs. The top of the box is deep enough to hold 6 full balls of 400 yards of size 20 or 10 thread. Or anything I would want to throw in it. Like an 8x10 book or 8x8 binder with patterns printed out. One container is holding the shuttles around my computer (current count 21), another the HDT that I've done or bought or recieved recently.Some on thread winders others still tied together from the dye batching. The open one in the picture above is being used for 'accessories', you know, beads, rings, bracelets, scissors, winded up bobbins, ect. So far I've been able to 'clean up' three boxes of stuff into one. I'm thinking of pilfering my DH's metal 3 drawer Craftsman box (he has yet to open it and he got it for XMAS) to put my UFO's or finished projects into. While technically you can carry that one around, it's plain heavy so I wouldn't recommend moving it. I don't have a dedicated tatting area but when I do I'm definately buying a larger 3 piece toolbox so I can have all of my tatting things together. Ah, to dream......*sigh*........


  1. Good luck with organizing and storing your tatting. I use a fishing tackle box for all my beads. The little compartments helps keep everything neat.

  2. If he hasn't used the tool box yet then its fair game!

  3. However hard I try, I find it impossible to keep my tatting threads, beads etc tidy. I admire anyone who thinks they have found the solution, or perhaps its just that I'm an untidy person?! The very best of luck with your organisation and if it works for you - well go for it!