Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking a break from the El Dorado, I starting working on the Magnolia, my current "Monthly Project". I should just rename that as 'Lacework in Creation'..yeah that sounds...hmmm..more appealing. Note to self: Change that title. I didn't have any pink thread left over, and I didn't feel like making any, so I used what I had, Red size 30. That's literally what the little tag said. No manufactor name. I'm most likely going to finish this tonight, seeing how I can't sleep. It's a nice straight-foward pattern that has been fun to do so far. I most likely will be making more of these in the days that follow.

I did make a trip to my local Michaels Craft Store to purchase biconal beads in the correct sizing for the Ankars project. I was dissapointed to find that they only had 2 options for these type of beads. 1. Plastic or 2. Crystal. Whatever happened to the glass beads? Oh, they're only available in seed form? That's just crazy and impractical. Okay it's just me griping because I didn't get exactly what I was looking for. I purchased both. I went to JoAnn's next and found the same thing. When I was using beads, early on my tatting days, I used glass exclusively. Well, to be honest, it gave the tatting a more classy look, without breaking the bank. Sometimes you need the weight of the glass to make your piece fall correctly. Now I'm in a quandry. If I use the plastic ones, it would, in my opinion, look like something you toss away or stash away never to see the light of day. Okay it looks cheap to me. There I admit my snobbishness on this subject. The crystals would give it that lovely sparkle, but I would be more hesitant to 'pass on' the tatting. I love sharing my finished tatting. Of all my pieces finished, I only have 4 that I kept for myself. One is the most recently finished motif and the others are Ribbon Winners from my county fair (with their ribbons attached of course).
Well, I do have one more craft shop in town, I suppose I could go see if they have the beads I'm looking for. Okay moving on...
While in Michaels', I found some pre-cuts shaped in the form of a football. I bought some because they looked like unfinished shuttles. I had my brother drill some holes into them (the rotary tool scares me) and cut a path for the thread to come out. I need some sand paper to smooth out the edges, but lookie...Teaching Shuttles! These are roughly the size of Clover Shuttles. I made some last year and these are thicker in width than those. I bought out all they had at the time, but the cashier advised to me check another store locally, they may have more in stock. The pieces were such a good deal I most likely will go 'buy out' the other store


  1. great idea for the teaching shuttles!

  2. You can order Swarovski crystal beads at really reasonable prices, no shipping charges in the US and they arrive quickly from and they have a wonderful selection so you can use them on your tatted pieces and pass them along without feeling like you've spent an arm and a leg for the beads.