Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is a pattern available online from . A long time ago I purchased an e-book from them on Ankars. What's Ankars? you may ask.... well it's tatting with some really fancy beadwork incorporated into it. I was thinking of doing an Ankars piece for my pendant exchange partner from Intatters, so I thought I'd "brush up" on my celtic style tatting. That's not to say it's all celtic, but the piece I was thinking of doing, has it's pattern weaving in and out on itself. I had thought of doing one of the simplier 'starter' patterns, but I see something challenging so of course I want to jump in head first.

Actually I had several different patterns in mind for my exchange, but I can't seem to settle down to one. So, I was going to do most of them and send the one that was more appealing.

Back to the above picture. I had it on my 'Current Project' square but I finished it so quickly that it didn't seemed right to shuffle it down to the 'Completed' section. It is done in three roundds, and I added a few pearl beads to see how it played out. I also used some of my own HDT size 20 on it.

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