Friday, March 19, 2010

This is what I got done in another 3 hour sitting. I was ilogically angry, probably because I have a head cold. The good thing about anger is that it's a form of energy. Granted most of the time it's wasted on foolishness, but I put mine to use. I will be giving this away on the 31st, so I'm kinda rushing to finish.
This is a trial of the Ankars-style of tatting. There's already an oops moment in it. I forgot to add a picot. One is a true ring the other is a mock ring. The true ring was a headacke to close. Can you tell the difference?  I didn't have the probper beads for this particular project, but that's okay, it's a trial. One truth of Ankars, it's alot like a DVD movie, all sales are final. There is no  undoing a mistaken ring. No retro-tatting of any kind. So you do have to pay close attention to what you are doing.
Oh my gosh, it's time to go to work.....where does time go?


  1. man you've got some amazing motivation, I would have quit on that doily a long time ago....way to keep on goin!

  2. Yeah, I wanted to give it up. REALLY badly, give it up. But I told myself, "There's people out there expecting to see one of them get this. I HAVE to finish at least that." I'm not usually this tenacious. Thanks for your nudge, I got another one of those centers done when I read your comment. ^_^