Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello, I've missed you all...
I spent the first 2 hours of my day here on the computer reading up on everyone's blogs. Then I spent another hour retracing my steps, to remember where and when stuff was done and put for storage. Then I hear the sound..knock, knock, knock. It's packages for me! Funny thing is I don't remember actually buying any of it, but I must have the charges are on my card and the proof is well, here.
So let the pictures begin!
These wonderful gifts are from Maria Silva from Portugal. She was my pendant exchange partner from Intatters, and she was also my same exchange partner from the Christmas exchange from
There's this postcard of  "The Rooster of Barcelos". Then she included some lovely beads...
Ohhh, but the best part of these wonderful gifts are these two wonderful pendants. Darn, the picture won't load up right side up... She sent a note saying that she made the purple heart because I didn't list wether or not I liked white, so she made me a second, just in case. The purple is a softer thread than the white, but I think they are both perfect. You can't see the beading too well with my camera, plus it's indoors late into the evening.... In any case, I do love the white heart, and the purple one, okay I love all her gifts.. Thank you Maria...
I bought these from HandyHands.. I hear people raving about how nice this thread is to tat with so I bought some. I got the 'Jewels' because I've seen others tat with it and the colors are so vibrant I also purchased some 'Tropical Fruit'. Yes, that's yet another's a Shuttle Brothers resin Gr8 shuttle! Earlier this year Fox suggested I might find this style of shuttle to my liking, so I indulged. Oh but let us not forget some more HDT...This is in 'baby shades' meaning pastel. Its from Snappish on Etsy  It feels very sturdy but I've only loaded a pair of shuttles with the thread and haven't actually tatted with it yet.

Okay now for the El Dorado pictures... first there's only two I could find after all the searching. DH thinks I mislabeled them so that's why I can't find them. And the other one is an ugly unblocked scrambled mess. So TypsTatting, when you recieve your doily, if you can do us all a kindness and post a picture of it, we'd all appreciate it. ^_^
I must apologize for the ugliness and unruliness... this one isn't even complete either. It's missing some of the connecting chains. So sorry to disappoint everyone out there, even myself... Not to worry Val, your gift is about done, I recieved the beads today. Yippee!
Edit: Oops, I said the wrong city in the postcard. It's fixed now.


  1. This work looks wonderful! You've done a beautiful work here.