Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh wows, this is my 101th post...I hadn't even noticed...hmmmm.. how to celebrate?

I made another trip to the post office today, one to ship and another to reship. The El Dorado doily wouldn't clear customs because the customs tag that's supposed to be attached securely to the box wasn't. It seems stupid to me since obviously one was attached if the postage was already paid for. I got a snippy teller at the postal office (what happend to the nice people I remember?) that refused to allow me to use the same box. She gave me a bubble envelope and told me if I put it in the box it would cost me up to $50 MORE than what I originally paid in shipping. I walked away from her, then stood in line again to speak with someone else. The gentleman was polite but also suggested that I use the bubble envelope because it would get to its destination quicker. That sounded more reasonable to me. So TypsTatting, your doily is on its' way again! Val your package is on it's way as well, but it seems I left your card out of it. So you'll get that as a seperate where is my brain this morning?
This is what I sent to Val... it's the peekaboo ornament done with Lizabeth thread 'Jewels'. Here it is still with the balloon attached because the starch hadn't dried completely. The beads don't really show up either.. Orginally I had done the center dangle with beads, but they dragged the top down so I replaced them with silver metallic thread. I hope she likes it.
Now I'm off to work on those Magnolias. I stopped by Walmart and got a pack of pins since I couldn't locate the ones I thought I had. When I got home I pilfered DH's Craftsman tool box and managed to get all my 'everyday' tatting stuff in it. He was okay with me taking it, as long as he stopped getting poked by my crochet hooks that always seem to get lost in the covers. ^_^  I also picked up some black size 10 thread to test that Tatsy shuttle with. I won it a mate on ebay, so maybe I should wait until that one arrives...

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