Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mother's Day is coming..I work in a predominately female crowd, okay sprinkle in 3 males and 1 confused co-worker. All but one of the ladies like recieving tatting ' thingies' from me. I did roses for Valentine's day and they were well recieved. I need ideas for Mother Day's tatting gifts. I did cards with tatting on them last year, so I don't want to repeat myself here. And I need to be able to make 15 of them. What would be a nice piece to make? I was thinking of the magnolias, that I have yet to do, and making them into a pin with a little bit of ribbon.Would that flower be appropriate? There's also Ruth Perry's Stargazer lily I could do but I'm afraid I won't have enough time to complete it. If you were the one recieving a tatting gift and you had your choice of what it was, what would you want? Would you want something floral? Bookmarkish? Jewelry like a bracelet or necklace? I made crosses but they usually go to the guys.
Okay, moving on before I end up lost in thought for hours on end and wonder where time went. My last indulgance arrived yesterday. I won it on ebay.I just wanted the shuttle enclosed with the kit. I paid less than $6 with the shipping. The shuttle is huge! It's almost the exact size of my hand. I wanted to tat using size 10 thread but didn't want to put my shuttles through the torture of that thread and although I can needle tat, I prefer shuttles to needles. Now I can make larger projects in less time. I was thinking of making some tatted curtains for my bedroom but didn't want to make it a year-long project. Now of course I'm going to tat that lovely little angel but I have to admit, it's not why I bid. Now I'm bidding on one more of the same size shuttle so I can have a matched pair. DH didn't ask, but I know he wants me to curb my addiction for a while. I still haven't got my hands on a Shuttle Shop wood shuttle, but there's 3 on ebay right now...temptation..


  1. What a nice coworker you are! How about a small fan? Just add some bead or ribbon. You could put a pin on the back and turn it into a brooch. There's some cute free patterns out there.

  2. it's so sweet of you to think of your colleagues even on mother's day. curious abt that shuttle indulgence... what does it look like?