Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two packages went on their way to a new home yesterday. I've never had to ship internationaly before so I was a bit suprised to be 'interogated' about what was in the mailing envelope. I felt like I was a criminal....
What's in that package?
What is tatting (not in a good way, suspiciously),
Anything else in there beside string (after I explained what tatting was),
How many pieces?
What's it worth, in case it gets lost? Yes in United States currency value, and do you want it insured?
I gave them an overinflated price. The lady actually raised her eyebrows at me but I pulled up etsy on my friends Iphone and showed them Totsmel's listings and told her my pieces were not jewelry so they cost more.
She was impressed and after all the hoopla involved with getting it shipped, was more 'hospitible' and we chatted about it while we waited for their machine to print out the correct shipping label. The way she said "if it gets lost" made me nervous. Like it was something that happened on a regular basis. Maybe with the overly inflated price tag, they'll be more careful and make sure they get where they're supposed to go. I'm used to going in saying I want it priority mail and paying the shipping cost then leaving. This was definately a new experience.
I do have an apology to make to Val, I ran out of the beads to finish the Mystery Gift she won on my giveaway. I have to make another trip to the craft store to purchase more. My daughter is finally showing interest in something besides typical teenager drama stuff. She likes to make beaded bracelets. And since she ran out of her stash, like a racoon she pilphered mine. At least she didn't take crystals but she did take what I had left of my glass beads. I don't want to chastise her too much, I'm actually glad she's showing interest in a 'healthy habit' verses whatever else is out there. But ground rules have to be obeyed...No getting into my tatting box, Period.

This is one of my ribbon winners from my county fair (It's Jane Eborall pattern modified). I have it stored in a small shadow box. No that's not a water drop on the glass, it actually got that bubble in the glass somehow. I couldn't tell you how it happened one day it wasn't there, the next time I looked at it it was. The problem is that it's not deep enough and it smushes the kitty. I've looked for other boxes to display 3D tatting but can never find the right size. It's either too small or not deep enough. I had thought of making one myself, but I'm not that good with woodworking. It doesn't seem too hard, in theory, but I'm not sure I have the patience for doing all the fine work involved with making it look right. Then I thought of a bell glass display, think Beauty and the Beast where the rose is kept, but those aren't tall enough for my floral displays. So I throw the question out, How do you display 3D tatted pieces? I don't want the pieces to get dusty or dirty.

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  1. the 3D tatted cat is awesome! very cute!

    no hurry on my piece. take your time. yea, i do get some trouble posting some of my tatted exchanges, but i'm equally "fierce" with the postal pple, if that helps. :p