Monday, May 31, 2010

Beads and new horizons

Going through my tatting stash I ran across these beads. Now they are plastic, not glass, and the only reason I bought them was for their vibrant colors. They could pass off as glass, but have the lightness of weight to them that plastic beads have. I’m trying to find something to tat using these, but I can’t find a pattern that will work. If I join them to thread in the traditional manner, the thread will cover most of the bead and the whole point of adding them is lost.

So I’d thought to have a small ring hold it down but that turned out to not give enough support and the bead was lost. So then I added picots, but came back to the original problem of having the majority of the bead lost to the thread. These are Rochelle Beads, so they aren’t exactly flat or round but more eclipse like a UFO. As in spacemen not the many bits of this that are tucked away hoping to get finished one day.

I started free-form tatting hoping inspiration would hit, but no luck. I just ended up wasting thread and time. Then I thought to have the bead ‘hugged’ by the thread. Terry from Tatbit who moved on to another web server does a lot of beadwork in this manner. Recently Maria, whom I’ve had exchanges with before did a coaster where the glass was ‘hugged’ by an outer ring of thread, and posted her work on Intatters. While these are possibilities I can try out, I’m hesitant to start. What would I actually make once I pass this hurdle?

I don’t really have any particular object in mind. This is more a trial to see if rather than what. In truth, I just wanted to feel my shuttles in my hand but don’t have anything in mind to make. I was going to make that other El Dorado doily that will be framed and displayed in my home, but honestly I’m still a bit fed up with that one. I have dozens of books and PDF’s that have patterns, but nothing catches my fancy. I’m not much of a jewelry-making tatter, so I’ve stayed away from those as much as possible. It feels like when you’ve seen too much of the same thing. While still beautiful works of art, they’ve become common staple now.

Maybe I’ll just try my hand at some Chinese knotting. Back at Intatters, someone asked if anyone has tried incorporating these two techniques. Maybe that’s a bit of a challenge my poor brain is craving.


  1. They are such pretty beads. You could try making Jane's Winsome earrings with them, they are very pretty when finished.

  2. hi alma, i was experiencing the same horrible feeling about not having any fancy for the tons of patterns i'd collected. then when i visited intatters, the KNOTS challenge caught my eye. perhaps something there might catch yours too. :)