Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bre-Aly thread

I bought 2 skeins of this on Etsy from Snappish . I finally found a pattern to test it out with. Now a few posts back I mentioned it was pastel/baby colors. To save the trouble of going and looking for the picture here it is again..
I started to make some baby booties with it.
Now the thread felt a little rough when I was winding it onto my shuttles. And when I started tatting with it, I noticed it felt like it was starched, the thread. I did a few rings and chains and the thread turned out to run smoothly after being handled. The small bit in the above picture is both stiff and flexible. Does that make sense? Now compared to Lizabeth thread, well that is flexible unless you stiffen it. This Bre-Aly thread doesn't feel like it would need that extra step to hold shape. I'm thinking this would be the perfect type of thread for me to use to make my doilys. I'm going to see how the bootie shapes out and then decided how much of the thread to order more of. LOL...


  1. Love the thread colour cant wait to see the finished tatting project! Oh by the way I received the Eldorado Doily Thank You soooo much. I really love it!

  2. I love Bre-Aly's threads! I have several balls, but it's been a couple of years since I've tatted with them. I guess I'll have to go searching in my sewing room again!

  3. I have just received 2 balls of thread from Snappish - can't wait to try it, especially after your comments.
    Fox : )