Saturday, May 29, 2010


No tatting to show off or even really talk about. I did however manage to get some info on that yellow butterfly I was asked to make. Gina found it on flickr, and I tried a few times over the past week to get ahold of the owner to see about getting permission or pattern info to make it. I checked again yesterday to see if there was any word but it seems this person hasn't bothered with their album since 2008. I'm not holding out any hope of making it. So today I get to tell the person who requested it that although it is possible to make it with just the picture, it's not ethical to do so, since I don't have permission to make it from the designer. I am tempted to make it for my own personal collection, but can't in good conscious make it to give to someone else. Ah, the double standard in the lace world..

Off topic from warned it's work related bitching...

My department manager is out on stress leave. The two leads or assistants are currently doing the scheduling and whatnot. I took my Doctors note to HR to advise them that I had to have my hours at work be limited and of course my job duties significantly reduced. All the 'managers' above know this. It was agreed upon, by all, that I would only work the first and last two days of the week with a maximum of 5 hours per day. I got my schedule yesterday and they have me pulling shifts I did before I was pregnant. They probably expect me to do it all as well. I already reminded as respectfully as I could with my anger flowing, that I had been excused from working those types of shifts and the duties involved. I work in a commission world, so my paychecks  fluctuate from awesome to getting by...they had the thought to pull me off the sales and pay me on training pay (based off the hours given it would amount to maybe less than 1/2 of my current pay now) since I couldn't do most of the 'heavy' workload. Then I heard they are having a visit sometime next week from the district head and are trying to get the store 'up to spec' so to speak. I know they want someone they can rely on to finish the work to do it, but they do have other people hired on to do most of the tasks they need completed. I mentioned that fact, and suggested they give those people more hours instead of pulling sales people away to do the job not really assigned to us. Technically they could pull us and have us do such work, but the catch is they have to give us our vacation rate pay during those hours. I'd currently get paid more than they do, because it is based off our sales verses hour worked. They're trying to pull nonsense out their behinds and think that we'll play along..well some of us will but I'm just not in the mood to do so myself. One other thing that rubbed my fur wrong is when they throw that stupid analogy at me..There is no "I" in Team, Alma... My response was quickly...Well, there is a ME and that's what I'm sticking to.
Sorry, I had to vent or I'd head to work today with a major chip on my more work drama on my tatting blog, I promise.. *wink*


    similar but a little different. I haven't given up yet!

  2. Go ahead and vent! It's your blog and that's what it's for. There always has to be one idiot who cares nothing for the staff. Don't let it get to you and keep standing your ground!

  3. gina, if it's a pattern from the site, then it's wally's. i'm sure she'd be able to identify it if it's another of hers. no harm asking her...