Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little bit of this and that

I started doing a motif for the Intatters' summer challenge. I got all geared up and finished most of it within a few hours. Now I'm on the final row and I find myself lagging. I lost interest in the piece. But I have to finish it, it can't be allowed to become yet another UFO.
Okay one thing I did differently from the original is use split rings and chains to climb out the first three rounds. I so hate hiding ends and avoid them as much as possible. On the final unfinished row, the instructions had me doing two rings joined together really closely then have the chain thread sort of woven/led over to continue the chains. It looks messy and bulky. I finally started switching shuttles to do the rings and that left it with a cleaner look. Also, I had to leave the tension on my chains loose. It gives a DS count of 9 between the 'leaf clusters rings' but when you join to the previous row, it bunches up. Blocking would probably take care of some of that, but I don't care for the piece enough to do it. Laziness again. When I started it, the first two rows had so much potential to become some other lovely pieces, remove a chain here add extra rings there. I think what is ruining the finished work for me is that final row. This motif was originally intended to be inserted into placemats, so I suppose that would be the reasoning for the last row. As a stand alone piece, it feels like overkill.


  1. Wait a moment!
    What is this little baby on the right-hand side of this post?
    It is at 228 days out of 280 days? That is almost two months!
    I can be pretty oblivious, but how did I miss your news?
    Congratulations, and Salud!