Monday, May 3, 2010

Loaded Tatsy

I walked away from the Magnolias again because that Tatsy was calling me. I wanted to know how much of the size 10 thread it will hold. It was alot. I didn't break out the measuring tape, but off a new spool of thread I pulled off it about 20 winds. Here's a quick motif I tatted.
 Now I love the fact that my stitches are nice and tight, no puffing of the thread as you'd get when you needle tat. But I would suppose that may have something to do with the size of the tatting needle. I had to remember to go a bit slower because the sizing of the shuttle takes some getting used to. Also I had to space the picot thread longer that what I do. The thread is bigger so if you go at the spacing normally use, the picots turn out to be very tiny or bumpy.
Either way I finally found a way to tat with the 10 size thread. Now I'm curious of how much of the 20 or 30 size thread one of these shuttles will hold.. maybe a whole ball or at least half a ball of Lizabeth? It would definitely save on the reload time of the shuttles but would slow the actual production time of the lace.
This is the prototype for the fan I'm planning on using with the Magnolias. It's simple and quick to make. I actually was making the same motif over but got distracted on the joining of the improvisation. If I go with this one, I will have to use a larger thread size than the one being used for the flowers. I tatted with the same size thread and the magnolia was much larger and obscured the fan.
 These are the two different ribbons I got for the pins.
 I like the scrolling on the green one, and the white one with its pink and black flowers screamed peppy and feminine to me. I did a head count and I only need to make 10 of these, so I'll do half and half on the ribbons. I got my manager to put my shifts as full 8 hours shifts, so I only have to work 3 days. I'm part-time so I'm limited to a maximum of 25 hours per work week. Now I have 3 full days to get them done, plenty of time I think.

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