Monday, May 31, 2010

Okay one more time

I made an agreement with DH that no more shuttles, especially with the unknown status of one or two babies making an appearance later this year. Also, I voluntarily cut back on my purchases of HDT, beads, and other tatting paraphanelia. I get carried away sometimes. When that happened, within one week, I lost interest in pulling out my shuttles and making anything. I don't know what it is about knowing there will be a constant supply of fresh materials that keep me busy with my shuttles. Now I'm hoarding them, afraid there will be no more and I'd rather have them for the weeks when I will be, forgive this phrase, STUCK, at home with nothing to really do but wait for our child to decide to be born.
Well, I got an email last week from our wonderful fellow tatter, Jane Eborall, who said there is a Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle ready to be shipped if I was still interested. OHY! (oh hell yeah) I pulled out my credit card and waited for the paypal invoice. Then guilt struck... I said I wouldn't buy anymore shuttles....I decided on a compromise, I had someone who wanted some tatting made. I usually don't sell my tatting, I prefer to give it away, but since there was something I wanted and something they wanted, we could help each other. I made the pieces (a simple beaded bracelet and necklace combo) but had them pay for it through paypal. They did. I had to wait until Friday, but my new shuttle is on it's way home and I didn't technically buy it. I consider it a trade, since the money didn't come from my actual accounts..The knots paid for themselves making it possible for future knots to be made. Logic is a wonderful thing.


  1. Tee Hee. You are a woman after my own heart! Enjoy the shuttle. When you have to put it up, it won't rot. You can use it again when the little ones go off to school (or during naps if you are not also sleeping). :-)

  2. Hope you like the shuttle when it arrives, its a work of art and can be just looked at for its beauty!
    From the home of "Pop-A-Bobbin" suttles.........
    Forgot to congratulate you on your other forthcoming arrival.

  3. That sounds JUST like me - having to reason with myself and convince myself that I am able to have something!!!! I did that very thing last week over a purchase!!! Are you my twin sister? Ah, no, you're WAY too young and pretty. Do hope that one of your children will become tatters - neither of mine have which is a shame.