Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One moment passes and I have to reset the watch

I had my first pre-natal check up today. It was less than I expected and more than what I wanted to hear. They did the usual female checkup things, drew some blood a few days ago and got those results in. My hormone levels were abnormally high for being 8 weeks. Doc told me it could be one of two things..
1. Gestational diabetes..
2. Twins...
I'm having mixed feelings on which I would prefer to have. One of those will take care of itself when the baby comes, the other, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed if it's true. Twins do run through my mother's side of the family although it tends to skip a generation, lucky me I'm in the current running. This was going to be our last pregnancy although DH told me today he wanted one more child a few years from now. I'm kind of not sure how I should feel. Okay maybe I'm getting a little carried away, I'm not even sure which it is. I go in tomorrow morning to do that nasty 4 hour glucose test and they should get the results by Tuesday. Based off those findings, my current Doctor will schedule an ultrasound (the midwife I used last pregnancy is on vacation) if needed. Wow, not what I was expecting to hear...
I thought my day would go something like...
"Hi, Mrs.Negrete, let's check your weight..blah blah's the nausea, are you drinking enough water and eating 8 times a day (even though your not supposed to gain more than 15 to 20 pounds with this pregnancy)..blah blah blah..okay  everything seems well, we'll see you again in a's your prescription for prenatal pills...blah blah blah.."
On second thought, Gestational diabetes sounds pretty  bad too.. I'm already forgetful, having to remember to check my sugar by poking myself several times a day. It doesn't sound too appealing. Now my nausea and sudden change in eating habits gave me the clue that I might be expecting before I actually found out. I never was able to cut soda out of my diet, cold-turkey before. So maybe it is GD. DH thinks I should relax, that I'm over worrying about something I have no control over at this moment. And a part of me is pysched about it being twins, he's all over himself hoping it is true. When our son was born I had to fight just to be able to hold him the first couple of months.I think I'm flashbacking to those 2am feedings for my son when I just managed to get to sleep..I'm not too happy about having the crying be in stereo, if you know what I mean. I'm also not too happy about this annoying nausea. Now mine is no where near the caliber of Sherry's, poor girl, but I do have to have my movements be very very slow or I will get sick. So I've had to cut back on my work hours dramatically already, and work is one of my means of sanity, tatting being the other, I don't want to have to take leave yet.
I*sigh* Okay, I'm gonna take my last drink of water for the next 12 hours and try and get some sleep.


  1. Good luck to you and here's hoping for a happy conclusion, whichever it may be.

  2. Well, my fingers are crossed for twins. Whatever the outcome, take one day at a a time and you will make it through brilliantly!